Welcome to the leg wellness store!

We bring to you the finest quality of leg wellness hosiery from Sorgen. You can choose from the wide array of medical compression stockings, preventive leg wellness support and other accessories.

Buying guide for compression stockings

Sizing guide

Measure yourself in 2 minutes!

Gone were the days when you had to wait for the vendor to reach your place take your sizing and give you the proper compression stockings.

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How to wash?

4 simple steps to wash:

Fill the bucket with warm water. Add mild detergent (preferably liquid) and disturb the water with your hands to be sure that the detergent has been spread evenly.

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How to wear?

Just a few simple steps!

It is advisable to use a slider. Put your hand inside the stocking foot with the heal facing down. Turn the leg of the stocking inside out as far as the heel

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