Sorgen Royale- With the microfiber comfort

The Sorgen Royale collection of compression stockings has wonderful softness and breathability. Our secret is microfiber’s remarkable comfort. In fact, microfiber makes one of the most comfortable medical graduated compression stockings.

Features of Sorgen Royale include:

  • Breathable: The microfiber fabric wicks away moisture from the skin preventing perspiration from clinging to the skin. You always stay cool and comfortable in all weathers
  • Durability: Sorgen Royale compression stockings retain their shape for a long time with repeated washes, thus allowing no change in compression level.
  • Extra Soft: are very soft and comfortable to the skin, as compression stockings are worn for long hours , Sorgen Royale fits this the best.

Product Details:

  • Compression Class: Available in Class I and Class II
  • Colour: Beige; Open toe
  • Length: Available in Knee length & Thigh Length