Other Compression

This category of products is an exclusive one that includes products that use the basic principle of compressive force but are not necessarily worn in the lower limbs. They cater to other special conditions, which might need care, and graduated compression shall be provided to the suitable site with the appropriate kind of support wares.


Deep Vein Thrombosis might be one of the major causes, and so to prevent the occurrence of embolism and thereby prevent further damage, the anti-embolism stockings shall be immensely useful. These lifesaving stockings are made of soft material with compression that shall be very smooth and easy to wear. On wearing, it shall provide a compressive force to the lower limbs and shall boost proper blood circulation preventing any kind of embolic activity. This product shall be a huge support for the prevention of conditions such as DVT.


The other supportive product is the ulcer kit or the ulcer care stockings. A venous leg ulcer is one of the consequences of chronic venous insufficiency. There is a high chance that they might recur and sometimes it is very difficult to heal. It generally appears on the inside above the ankle region. A marked swelling around the lower leg suggests an ulcer. But graduated compression therapy can help in preventing such a condition and our ulcer kit or the ulcer stocking is the right product that shall provide the right compressive force for ulcers. Available in various sizes, ulcer stockings are a double-layered product. The inner layer has two cotton liners and the outer one has a microfiber lining which provides the compressive force. It is easy to wear and ensures quick healing from ulcers. The sorge royale ulcer kit is made out of high-grade material that guarantees quick healing along with utmost comfort. Routine tasks shall remain unaffected and the process of ulcer healing shall happen effectively, and simultaneously.


Much like the other two, the compression arm sleeves are also very useful in treating certain systemic conditions but particularly in the arm region. Lymphedema is a condition affecting the lymphatic system, manifesting into swelling of the arms or the legs. Improper functioning of the lymphatic system leads to the accumulation of fluids which further leads to such swelling.  This condition might be a common post-mastectomy procedure in cases of breast cancer. The compression arm sleeves shall be useful with their graduated compression mechanism. It shall ensure the proper functioning of the lymph vessels present around the region and thereby prevent any kind of accumulation leading to swelling and pain. The arm sleeves are made out of premium lycra fiber and are manufactured with all the quality parameters kept in place. The highly qualified product is easy to wear and provides compression that gradually increases from the lower portion of the arm to the upper region. It is easy to pull and soft and comfortable to wear.