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Sachin Sonkamble

I have mild varicose veins. Being a logistics manager, my job involves long hours of sitting and standing at time. This used to cause my legs to pain severely and especially at night after reaching home. I would tell my daughter to sit on my legs at night to get relief from the intense pain. We have tried several brands of compression stockings in the past and were just not comfortable wearing them for long hours.

Ever since I am wearing Sorgen® compression stockings, am extremely comfortable and able to wear these for 10 hours at a stretch also. My leg pain is significantly reduced since I am able to wear them all day long.

I feel much better with Sorgen® and I have been wearing them from 3 years now. Thanks to the ever helping customer service team for their complete support and co-operation.

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Leela Poojari

I used to experience pain in my legs specially at night since the past so many years. It is only recently that I realised that I have varicose veins when I started noticing the blue veins on my legs.

Like any other home maker, I stand for long hours in the day attending to daily household chores and ignored my leg pain. The doctor tells me that these varicose veins haven’t developed overnight and it is over the years that these have progressed.

I have been advised to wear Class 2 compression stockings by the doctor so that my condition doesn’t worsen further. Am feeling much relieved after wearing the Sorgen® class 2 compression stockings. They are very comfortable and their customer service teams also supports very well to choose the correct size.

I only wish that I had paid more attention to my leg pain much earlier at the onset itself and could have worn milder compression stockings or socks earlier to prevent further progression 10 years ago. I request every woman to pay attention to her health and well-being also along with her family.