Customers Speak

Great Relief to my legs!

Hello, I’m Suresh. There was a time in my life when I used to experience a lot of bleeding and swelling in my legs.

I have been using these Sorgen compression stockings since 2018 and after using these Sorgen compression stockings they provided a great relief to my legs and I feel as comfortable as if I am standing on soft clouds.

It’s been 5 years now since I am using these Sorgen Compression stockings and I still feel the same magical comfort as I felt when I wore them for the first time.

My legs don’t feel any sort of swelling or bleeding now for which I am very grateful for these Sorgen Compression stockings. So if you also experience bleeding, swelling, or any other issues then you should try and experience the magic of Sorgen Compression Stockings.

You should at least try the Sorgen compression stockings once in your life to know what comfort and strong support feels like. You will also, know how amazing they prove to be in improving your leg health and the quality of your life.

Wonderful journey of improving my leg health.

Hello, I am Maurice and while working as a teacher I have to stand for long hours which would make my feet ache by bedtime. I underwent treatment for varicose veins and the doctor gave me Sorgen Compression stockings which came into my life like a blessing. Sorgen Compression Stockings reduced any swelling my feet had and helped me tremendously.

Even now I find them to be very beneficial in day-to-day life. Sorgen Compression Stockings reduced any swelling my feet had and helped me tremendously. So for people like me who have to stay on their feet all day because of their hectic and physically exhausting jobs and notice any problem in their feet, I recommend you wear Sorgen Compression stockings after asking the doctor’s advice.

They will help you when your feet get tired and ache by bedtime, just like my legs would. Thank you to Sorgen compression stockings for supporting me on this wonderful journey of improving my leg health.

No Swelling Anymore!

Hello, I’m Hitendra and for 5 months I have been using Sorgen Compression Stockings. My feet, which were swelling a lot, are now feeling comfortable, as the Sorgen Compression Stockings have reduced the swelling so much that now there is no sign of swelling I can notice on my legs and I feel so relieved with no pains or swelling and other issues anymore.

The difference that Sorgen compression stockings have made in the 5 months on my legs has amazed me. You should also try the Sorgen Compression Stockings as it provides many more marvelous benefits which you will appreciate and for which you will be grateful for these Sorgen compression stockings. 

Improved my quality of life!

Hey, I’m Karuna and let me tell you about the time when I suffered from Edema in 2011 and I wanted some help with it. When I asked people what to do about it, a person recommended Sorgen Compression Stockings to me for wearing and finding relief from the discomfort of edema.

After wearing them, I felt great relief from the painful and discomforting trouble that Edema would cause to my feet. Later since 2015, I have been using these Sorgen compression stockings and they give my feet great comfort while I do my work as a lawyer. Working as a lawyer, you have to stand and sit for long hours and run about here and there. It’s been 7 or 8 years now and they still make me feel great, as if I have finished a war with poor leg health and these Sorgen compression stockings have improved the quality of my life ahead.

Reduced my swelling and pain!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I’m Suresh R Shenoy and after retiring from work I go on long walks frequently, but a few years ago when I used to walk, my feet suddenly felt itchy as if someone suddenly put itching powder on them and when I checked my feet, I noticed a spot of varicose veins on my legs.

I received medical advice about wearing Sorgen compression stockings and that is when I bought Sorgen compression stockings, which now feels like a great decision when I think about it in retrospect.

They feel great on my skin and hug my feet with great comfort. Since then, the Sorgen compression stockings have made my walking experience more pleasant than before

Reduced my swelling and pain!

Hi! I’m Lana and let me tell you about how once when I came to Mumbai on a vacation with my husband I had an accident. My legs broke in that horrible accident. After having surgery on my legs, they started swelling a lot when I would walk for miles as if an uninvited guest has shown up and is taking too much space on the legs, giving you pain and trouble and they are not ready to leave. 

I felt a strong and desperate need for compression socks. I searched online on Google for compression stockings and that was when I came across the Sorgen online store, which proved to be the perfect place for me to finish my search for compression stockings.

I bought Sorgen compression stockings an now my legs feel great and highly comfortable. I’m now the happiest I’ve ever been, thanks to Sorgen Compression stockings.