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Sorgen® Cold Compression Knee Wrap

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The Sorgen Cold Compression Knee Wrap is designed to provide maximum pain relief and support for knee injuries, sprains, and post-surgery recovery. Its unique combination of cold therapy and compression helps to reduce inflammation and swelling while providing support to the knee joint. 

  • Colour: Black with blue piping
  • Type: Compression Therapy with Cold Therapy
  • Variant: Standard (With 1 Gel Pack), Bilateral (With 2 Gel Pack), Only Gel Pack
  • Fabric: Outer wrap: Nylon and velvet; Inner gel pack : PVC and Nylon
  • Size: Universal
  • Box Contains: Compression knee wrap brace with Velcro straps + 1 Gel Pack (2 in case of bilateral) + Compression Pump Bulb
  • Uses: Post Knee Surgery, ACL/PCL Tear, Runner’s Knee, Patella Tendonitis, Arthritis, Meniscus Tears, and Sprains.
  • Features: Cold Compression, Gel Packs, Temperature Resistant Fabric, Velcro Straps, Compression Pump Bulb, Anatomically Designed.
  • Benefits: Relieves Inflammation, Reduces Swelling, and Targeted Compression for Accelerated Recovery.

Helps in:

  • Accelerated Recovery
  • Anatomic Coverage
  • Relieves Pain
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Lessens Inflammation
  • Targeted Compression

Recommended For:

  • Post Knee Surgery
  • ACL/PCL Tear
  • Runners Knee
  • Patella Tendonitis

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Relief With Sorgen Cold Compression Knee Wrap

Sorgen's unisex cold compression knee wrap is one of the best knee pain relief products designed for post-surgery recovery and other knee pain-related issues like - Runner's Knee, Patella Tendonitis, and sprains. The advanced-designed cold compression knee wrap is much easier to use than traditional ice packs. It gently compresses the pain area to heal tissue inflammation. There are two ways to use compression bandages for knee pain. The pump bulb has a valve (that can be switched on and off) to exert air pressure in the pain region. To reduce pressure, there is a control on the outer part of the wrap to deflate. Variable mode: To constantly adjust the pressure, you can keep the valve in the 'ON' position. Constant mode: To set a level of compression, you can add the pressure you need at once by switching on the valve, then lock the pressure by switching it off.


Relief With Cold Compression

The Kreiskrankenhaus Bopfingen, Germany, study reveals that the combination of compression and cold therapy (cryotherapy) is beneficial in treating injuries. Cryotherapy is a treatment technique that follows the principle of applying cold temperatures to lower the temperature in the affected area. It arrests the gush of blood flow at the site which reduces pain and inflammation and fosters healing. Cold pack for the knee helps in conditions as follows: Patella Tendonitis is an injury in the Patella Tendon tissue that connects the kneecap to the shin bone. Some of its common symptoms are knee pain, swelling, and stiffness. Repeated stress in the region can lead to this injury. ACL surgery is a major surgery that involves reconstructing a ligament in the knee region. Disruption of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), located in the center of the knee, is among the most common injuries among active people.

Functional-Friendly Features:

Cold Compression For Faster Healing

The compression feature in the knee ice wrap guarantees deep penetration of the cold therapy. The pump bulb provides better control over the pressure levels for comfort and easy recovery.

Futuristic Fabric

Sorgen Royale cold compression bandage for knee pain applies latest technology in action. The added temperature resistant fabric keeps the wrap cold for longer time. Further, the carefully designed as per human anatomy, the wrap enables targeted pressure. Further, the fabric used is comfortable, skin-friendly, and easy to wear.

Velcro For Easy Wearability

The elastic wraps with velcro secures the wrap in the desired position. It helps to wrap and fasten the Sorgen cold compression wrap around the knee and adjust for a perfect fit.

Can Be Used Multiple Times

The Sorgen’s gel packs are proven to have an impressive shelf life, thus making it easy to reuse. It can be used in either of two knees.

Recommended In Post Knee Surgery

Knee surgeries can be critical and proper care is advised for quick recovery. Sorgen cold compression knee wrap would be best fit to provide the right care and accelerated healing post-surgical events.

Useful For People With Active Lifestyle

Athletes and sportspersons are prone to knee injuries. Wrapping Sorgen cold compression facilitates speedy recovery and help the sports enthusiasts to get back to the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Cold compression knee wraps with unique compression help alleviate knee pain by providing external support to the knee joint.

Yes, the pump is detachable.

For swelling and inflammation, cold therapy works better than heat therapy as it restricts blood flow, which helps faster recovery from swelling.

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Madhavi M.Sawant

good product

Rama Bole

Sorgen® Cold Compression Knee Wrap

Thakshak .
Sorgen.Co products - Cold Compression Brace

Sorgen Unisex Adjustable Cold Compression Brace for knee, thigh and calf are very useful and to provide Pain relief. Both my parents have benefited.

Pravin Waykar

Sorgen® Cold Compression Knee Wrap

Angshuman Bera

good and effective product