Sorgen® Cold Compression Elbow Wrap

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Rapid Recovery Superior Quality Science Based 100% satisfaction Reusable Sophisticated Design Rapid Recovery Superior Quality...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Rapid Recovery
Superior Quality
Science Based
100% satisfaction
Sophisticated Design
Rapid Recovery
Superior Quality
Science Based
100% satisfaction
Sophisticated Design

Relief with Sorgen Cold Compression Wraps.

A distinct line of products to sooth the joints of your body. Cryotherapy, a treatment technique that follows the principle of applying cold temperatures to the affected area of the body in order to reduce the inflammation by arresting the gush of blood flow at the site and enhancing healing. Traditionally, applying ice-packs to the bruised joints were the norms, but the process is cumbersome and tacky. So, Sorgen has joined hands to render easy healing of the joints without much to do. A temperature resistant material carrying a cold gel pack that shall wrap itself around the desired joint accompanied by a regulating pump to impart the right compression would be best suited to heal the joints comfortably, effectively and relieve you of the pain too.

Sorgen- Caring Cover for your Elbows.

Accelerated Recovery
Anatomic Coverage
Relieves Pain
Deeper Penetration
Lessens Inflammation
Targeted Compression

Your path to recovery begins here

By applying ice to the affected area, you can reduce inflammation by slowing down the rush of blood that is directed towards the aggravated joint after an injury. When you combine ice and compression, you will enjoy a noticeable change in pain levels because the coolness is retained for a longer period of time, across a wider area.
Many studies, such as the one at the Kreiskrankenhaus Bopfingen, Germany, have proven that the combination of compression and cold therapy for treating injuries are many benefits over just using an ice compress for elbow pain by itself.
Sorgen cold compression elbow wrap adopts this combination principle which shall be immensely useful for elbow pain.

Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

How to use it?
Modes of application

Step 1: Place the gel cool pack in the freezer for atleast 60-90 minutes before using

Step 2: Take it out from the freezer just before use

Step 3: The cold gel pack has velcro straps. Attach the cold gel pack to the air compression wrap. Carefully cover the affected area. Secure Velcro straps around your calf. Press air pump for desired compression.

  • There are 2 modes of using the wrap
  • Variable mode: In this the valve is kept in the ON position only. To inflate squeeze the air pump to add the pressure you require. To reduce pressure you may press the deflate button along with your hand on the outer wrap
  • You may increase and decrease pressure again to your preference throughout the application
  • Constant mode: Here you might want to keep the pressure constant. After reaching the desired level of compression, turn the valve OFF to set the level of compression
  1. Wear the Sorgen cold compression elbow wrap for 20-25 mins, twice a day for best results.
  2. After completing the application, store the cold gel pack in the freezer for the next use.
  3. Remove any trapped air by pressing the deflate button and the air compression wrap simultaneously.

Top Traits!!

Swift Recovery

Runners, athletes, fitness freaks undergo a lot of burnout, straining their elbow quite often. The Sorgen cold compression elbow wrap shall shower the right relief with it's unique combination therapy.

Targeted Compression

The product has an attached pump which can be pressed to increase the pressure at targeted site and enhance the healing process having a superior effect. The regulation is in your hands and can be controlled as per your convenience.

Premium and Durable Quality

Made out of premium quality neoprene, the wrap is highly comfortable to wrap around the calf. The ice gel pack does not puncture and leak, and stands strong to provide maximum coldness to the target site.

Overworked Forearm

This product provides the much needed relief to an overworked forearm that eventually experiences various degrees of fatigue and strain.

Post Operative Care

An upper arm surgery or a shoulder operation might have some side effects on the elbows. Sorgen cold compression wrap supports by providing relief to this joint with it's cooling care

Wear-tear and strains

Wear and tear of the elbowis very common. Our product is durable and soft enough to solve such issues and relieve you of the pain by applying the cold compression. Sprains and strains shall also be resolved with a long lasting effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the Sorgen cold compression wrap can be worn on either the right or left elbow

Yes. The cool gel pack and be kept in the freezer back and can be reused when necessary


No. It has a universal size thereby anyone in the family can you use it

It is advised to be worn for 20-25 mins to obtain best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lakshmi Kothari
Comfortable product

A very comfortable to use product, coldness is maintained for long time periods.

Anand Rao
Value for money

The product stays still wherever it is put, coldness is just appropriate, correct pressure. Value for money.

Easy to carry

My doctor recommended this for tennis elbow and since then I am associated with this brand. Not very bulky, easy to carry and stays cold for a long time.

Bhavna Anand
Firm Grip

The wrap doesn't even come down even if I sleep while wearing it, the grip is very firm and effect is very perfect. Recommended.

Amazing quality and good fit.

My son has tennis elbow and I have used multiple elbow cold compression products but this is just perfect.

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Sorgen® Cold Compression Elbow Wrap

Rs. 3,500.00 Rs. 3,150.00