Sorgen® Cold Compression Elbow Wrap

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Rapid Recovery Superior Quality Science Based 100% satisfaction Reusable Sophisticated Design Rapid Recovery Superior Quality...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Rapid Recovery
Superior Quality
Science Based
100% satisfaction
Sophisticated Design
Rapid Recovery
Superior Quality
Science Based
100% satisfaction
Sophisticated Design

Relief With Sorgen Cold Compression Elbow Wrap

Elbow is a tricky region to apply cold compression, Sorgen’s distinct line of bandage for elbow pain is scientifically designed to heal inflammations in the elbow region and fit perfectly. Following scientific treatment techniques, the elbow compression wrap offers a dual-action relief. The unique features in the wrap make the recovery journey from painful inflammation faster and easier. With regulated compression, targeted compression, temperature-resistant superior fabric, and leakproof ice gel pack say bye to elbow pain in a few days.

Sorgen- Caring Cover for your Elbows.

Accelerated Recovery
Anatomic Coverage
Relieves Pain
Deeper Penetration
Lessens Inflammation
Targeted Compression

How will Cold Compression Help?

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, along with compression therapy is called cold compression. The technique is clinically approved for faster healing and better pain management. It has been found in studies that applying cold compression to inflamed muscles penetrates the cold therapy deeper than a traditional ice pack. In fact, the set treatment for a muscle injury – RICE, includes both an ice pack and compression. Cold temperatures arrest the sudden blood flow in the painful area. Traditionally, applying ice packs to bruised joints was considered ideal, but the process is cumbersome and tacky.So, Sorgen has joined hands to render easy healing of the joints without much to do. 

Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

Features that Stand Out

Athlete’s Friend

Runners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts may experience burnout, causing a strain on their elbows often. The Sorgen cold compression elbow wrap provides relief with its combination therapy.

Detachable Compression Pump

The product has an attached pump which can be regulated to increase the pressure at the targeted site and enhance the healing process. The pressure is in your hands and can be controlled as per convenience.

Premium and Durable Quality

The premium quality neoprene makes the wrap highly comfortable to wear. Further, the leakproof ice gel pack provides long-lasting coldness to the target site.

Expert Recommended

This product is an expert’s recommendation for an overworked forearm. It offers relief to an overworked forearm that eventually experiences various degrees of fatigue and strain.

Post Operative Care Support

An upper arm surgery or a shoulder operation might have some effects on the elbows. Sorgen’s cold compression elbow wrap provides post-operative care.

Helpful in Wear and Tear

Wear and tear of tissues and muscles in the elbow area is common. Sorgen’s product is scientifically designed to improve such conditions and relieve pain by applying cold compression.


Yes. Compression support elbow tendons, which reduces tension and pressure, thus alleviating the inflammation.

Apply the wrap for about 20-30 minutes every day for the best results.


Yes, the Sorgen cold compression wrap can be worn on any elbow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Naresh L
Glad I bought this, really effective.

The elbow ice compression wrap really helped me get rid of my soreness and pain.

Lakshmi Kothari
Comfortable product

A very comfortable to use product, coldness is maintained for long time periods.

Anand Rao
Value for money

The product stays still wherever it is put, coldness is just appropriate, correct pressure. Value for money.

Easy to carry

My doctor recommended this for tennis elbow and since then I am associated with this brand. Not very bulky, easy to carry and stays cold for a long time.

Bhavna Anand
Firm Grip

The wrap doesn't even come down even if I sleep while wearing it, the grip is very firm and effect is very perfect. Recommended.

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Sorgen® Cold Compression Elbow Wrap

Rs. 3,500.00 Rs. 3,150.00