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Sorgen Travel Support Socks, by applying graduated compression , maximum at the ankle, reducing gradually towards the calf, effectively squeezes blood upwards in the legs.

Sorgen Travel Support Socks thus helps the flow of the blood back to the heart, reduces congestion and relieves pain, fatigue and swelling, reducing the risk of DVT

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  • Breathable : The Microfiber Fabric wicks away moisture from the skin preventing perspiration from clinging to the skin. You always stay cool and comfortable in all weather
  • Durability: Microfiber medical compression stockings are more durable as they retain their shape for a long time with repeated washes, with no change in compression level.  
  • Easy to wear: Microfiber compression stockings are easily stretchable thereby making it easier to wear, especially for the thigh length users, this is most sort option.
  • Extra Soft: Microfiber medical compression stockings are very soft and comfortable to the skin. As they are worn for long duration these stockings this feature of Microfiber is an very important aspect.
  • Relieves tired and aching legs
  • Prevents swollen ankles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces risk of flight related DVT
  • Provides clinical proven compression level
  • Provides Graduated Compression Support
  • Compression Level: Preventive (18-21 mm Hg)
  • Fabric Composition: Microfiber
  • Brand: Sorgen
  • Length : Available in Knee length and thigh length
  • Colors: Available in Black and Beige
  • Durability: 8/10 (Based on customer experience)

Customer Reviews

Based on 375 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 377 reviews
Pran Amrith
Initial Impressions

As my flights (domestic & international) are not until next month, for the moment all I can say is that the stockings arrived on time as promised. The quality seems good and they fit very comfortably.

However, the 'acid' test will be once I've flown back home and checked out the effect on my legs... esp. the ankles.

JH Akerkar
Fit well and give relief

It’s dicey ordering such items on line, but I chanced it, got excellent support and answers to my questions, and the pair I ordered was just right for my 20 hr. Trip.

Amarish Padgaonkar
Four Stars

I had a sizing mix-up in the travel socks. The team fixed it quickly. It
reached me the next day. I had to leave for the U.S. the day after.
They put my order on priority. Thank you.

Swapnil Patil
Five Stars

I ordered premium travel socks on Wednesday and received them on
Friday. I was very happy that it kept my feet energetic.

Balram Sohal
Quality product

For any trip that takes 4 hours or more, travel socks are a must have
item. I wear Sorgen premium travel socks and loved it. I still get up
and walk around every one or two hours while flying.