More Products

A special set of products that fall under the exclusive ‘more products’ section is some cool stuff that shall be supportive and motivating towards the healing process and leading a healthy life. The sorgen motivational bottle, electric heating pad, and cool packs are the ones that shall make your life easy. These sorgen products are manufactured using the best quality material making them strong and durable for regular use.


The sorgen motivational water bottle is a unique product made out of high-quality plastic rendering the bottle very durable for use. This bottle is unbreakable and can hold a maximum volume of one liter in a single go. It has serialized markings to indicate to you the amount of liquid consumed and thereby motivate you to consume the optimum amount and in turn enhance your health and fitness. Additionally, the water bottle with measurements is important to keep your day hydrated and keep you fresh and going. This special container is made of toxin-free, food-grade material, which is also leak-proof, avoiding any kind of spillage. This sorgen ware can be conveniently carried along to the gym or other fitness centers as it easily fits into your bags without giving you any trouble. For daily use too, it is beneficial as it shall motivate you to intake the optimum amount of water/recommended fluids on a daily basis.


The electric heating pad is the best product to bring you relief from muscle pain, back pain, irritating period pain, and other sprains and strains. It is an easy-to-use product that is simple to operate guided by convenient steps. The sore muscles shall be relieved with the heating technology powered by an electrical source. The fabric is soft and made out of high-quality material. The pad shall give the right stability and support, enabling you to do your daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, etc. The product has been tested for quality thoroughly and has also been recommended highly by medical experts and customers. The sorgen product offers three variable options, low medium, and high for the heating effect. And it has been provided with an adjustable strap to alter the pressure around the desired body region. In a nutshell, the sorgen electric heating pad is a portable product that provides fast healing with its three-level heat controller making it a comfortable device for daily use.


The other cool product is the cool pack. This sorgen product can be very useful to relieve muscle pain, tooth pain, sprains, and also fever. The pack stays flexible and conforms to any body part. The cold temperature arrests the blood flow at the desired site thereby providing effective healing therapy at the particular target region of the body. The medical-grade gel remains flexible when frozen, enabling you to carry out routine physical activities like walking and even driving. This gel ice pack shall is perfect for pain and it is quite reliable as it can have a long-lasting effect. Small bruises can also be taken care of, by placing the cool pack at the site. Relief shall be imparted within thirty minutes. The exterior is tough enough to provide weight and support to the pack, so that it can remain intact in the desired area, allowing a good contact time and enhancing the healing process.