Sorgen Premiere

Sorgen Premiere Class Compression Stockings

Sorgen Premiere Class Compression Stockings

Sorgen compression stockings are a specific type of compression socks that are designed to provide care and healing to the legs, specifically targeting the calf region by imparting graduated compressive force at the region. This mechanism improves the blood circulation in the region, which helps in the treatment and prevention of venous conditions such as varicose veins, DVT as well as general aches and pains. The compression stockings are divided into various classes that differ in terms of compressive force and provide relief accordingly.

The Premiere range of compression stockings is available in both class ii and class iii.

Thus, this range provides both moderate and high compressive force, giving more choices for the customers.

Premiere class ii compression stockings are made out of pure cotton, Egyptian cotton to be specific. This variety of cotton is composed of (17% Cotton, 24% Lycra Elastase, and 59% Tactile Polyamide). Being a class II, this category offers compression levels of 23-32 mmHg. The colour options are skin colour and beige and the pair is styled in an open-toe fashion for easy movement. The Premiere class II compression stockings are best useful for recurrent

Varicose Veins, in management of varicose vein surgery, for deep vein thrombosis, moderate level of oedema, and healing of minor ulcers. The quality is high, verified with MST technology, and this graduated compression stocking is suitable for sensitive skin and is reusable and highly durable. The silicone grip top provides a good amount of sturdiness making the Egyptian cotton fabric product a supremely qualified one.

By improving blood circulation at the calf region, the premiere class II medical compression stocking brings relief to aching legs and the graduated compression design takes care of painful conditions like moderate oedema and varicose veins. The stockings are available in small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large sizes for both thigh length and knee length.

Premiere class III compression stockings are made out of the fabric, cotton and being a premiere one, the cotton is pure Egyptian composed of (17% Cotton, 24% Lycra Elastane, and 59% Tactel Polyamide). In addition, being a class iii level of stocking the compression level provided would fall in the range of 34-46 Mm Hg. The available colours are skiing colour and nude and are styled with an open toe for easy movement. The sizes available are small, medium, large, x large and xx large for both knee length and thigh length. Being a class III medical compression stocking, this range shall be useful for serious conditions, which might need higher compressive force. Conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency, atrophy Blanche pronounced oedema, dermatosclerosis, and aftercare for Severe Ulcers. In all the enlisted cases, the high compressive force might be very effective. The quality is first class with MST technology and the material is very skin friendly. It is reusable with reinforced heel pockets, and grip tops for a secure fit. Some additional benefits of premiere class iii stockings are they relax Calf muscles, improve blood flow, and manage chronic venous insufficiency and oedema.

Class III premiere compression stockings are made with extreme precision and go under several quality checks. Premium Egyptian cotton ensures sweat-free and

Rash-free skin at all times. The compression applied through the class III compression is usually recommended for serious medical conditions and feels tighter than Class I or Class II stockings as the compression levels are also higher.