Sorgen® Classique Compression Stockings Class II- Knee/Thigh Length

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Superior Fabric Unisex Science Based 100% satisfaction Quality Tested Graduated Compression Superior Fabric Unisex Science...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Rs. 2,250.00 Rs. 1,502.00
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Superior Fabric
Compression Sock for Men and Women
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Science Based
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100% satisfaction
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Quality Tested
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Graduated Compression
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Superior Fabric
Compression Sock for Men and Women
compression socks for men
Science Based
compression stockings for men
100% satisfaction
varicose socks
Quality Tested
compression socks for women
Graduated Compression

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Relief With Class II Compression Stockings

Legs need regular movement for healthy blood circulation. Sometimes, people in certain professions or having certain lifestyles might have to endure long hours of standing and sitting, hindering the regular blood flow in the leg muscles and tissues. Sorgen’s Class II compression stockings offer a preventive and aftercare solution for painful legs. When traveling for long journeys, wearing compression stockings can help avoid muscle spasms. The Class II compression stocking is an anatomically designed wellness solution that ensures comfortable fit, easy wearability, and compression at the right place.

Pamper your legs with Sorgen Compression Stockings

Improves Blood Circulation varicose veins socks price
Relives Tired and Aching Legs best compression socks for men
Reduces Swelling best stockings for varicose veins
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How is Compression Stocking Beneficial?

Compression stocking of any length is useful, as it works on relaxing the leg muscles and tissues. By applying compression in the painful region, you allow the blood flow in the area to get back to its normal flow and thus help prevent painful conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Long hours of being in a stationary position cause fluid accumulation in the tissues, which can further cause blood flow stagnation. It is recommended to use compression stockings in case of swelling and inflammation to notice a change in pain levels in a few days. Class II compression stockings or DVT stockings are also helpful in post-varicose surgery care.

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Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

Unmatched Features:

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Reinforced Heel Make It Ultra Durable

Sorgen’s Class II Compression Stockings come with reinforced heel pockets that help keep the compression stocking in its position and provide constant compression. The reinforced heel further withstands wear and tear, thus making it more durable.

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Dotted Silicone Band for Easy Wearability (Thigh Length Only)

The thigh-length compression stockings come with a dotted silicone band that helps keep stockings from rolling down when there’s any leg movement.

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Secured Fit with Grip Top (Knee-Length)

With time stockings can get loose and slip, the grip top in the Class II compression stockings has been designed keeping durability and wearability in mind. The perfect fit along the grip top ensures a secure fit no matter what kind of movement.

Helps in Relieving:

varicose veins stockings for women

Painful Legs Due to Fatigue

Sitting or standing for hours can cause painful legs. Class II Compression Stockings that come with graduated compression ensure the right pressure at the pain points. Further, wearing it as a preventive solution is also a great option if you are prone to fatigued muscles now and then.

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Inflammation in Feet or Legs

Muscle inflammation is common in the legs and feet region, especially when pregnant or sitting for hours for different reasons. Pooling of blood due to restricted movement can result in painful conditions like varicose veins or oedema. It is best to use Class II compression stocking if you are prone to swellings.

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Visible Spider Veins

When experiencing spider veins, also known as the initial stages of varicose veins, it is best to use compression stockings. Blood pooling can cause veins to occur in spider-like structures in green-blue colors. Wearing Class II varicose veins socks can prevent the worsening of the condition.


The Sorgen compression stockings are available in multiple sizes; ranging from small to XXL. Follow the measurement guide to pick the right-sized product.

  • Class II below-knee compression stockings can be worn for long hours. However, avoid wearing it for more than 12 hours and also when going to bed at night.

 The compression stockings for women and men have been engineers to apply pressure in the lower leg region. This is why it is supposed to feel tighter than regular stockings. However, it should not be painfully tight.

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Sorgen® Classique Compression Stockings Class II- Knee/Thigh Length

Susan Saldanha
Good product

Comfortable and provides support for day long use.

Sudeshkumar Tapadia

Sorgen® Classique Compression Stockings Class II- Knee/Thigh Length

Sreekanth Es
Pretty good

Met expectations as mentioned

Dinesh Sharma

Sorgen® Classique Compression Stockings Class II- Knee/Thigh Length

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Sorgen® Classique Compression Stockings Class II- Knee/Thigh Length

Knee Length / Small
Knee Length / Small
Rs. 2,250.00 Rs. 1,502.00