compression wrap - thigh wrap
compression sleeve for hamstring
upper thigh wrap - compression wrap
pulled hamstring compression wrap
upper thigh compression wrap
thigh support wrap
thigh wrap support - compression wrap
Sorgen® Cold Compression Thigh Wrap
bandage for thigh
Sorgen® Cold Compression Thigh Wrap
compression wrap - thigh wrap
compression sleeve for hamstring
upper thigh wrap - compression wrap
pulled hamstring compression wrap
upper thigh compression wrap
thigh support wrap
thigh wrap support - compression wrap
Sorgen® Cold Compression Thigh Wrap
bandage for thigh
Sorgen® Cold Compression Thigh Wrap

Sorgen® Cold Compression Thigh Wrap

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Ease thigh pain and swelling with the Sorgen Cold Compression Thigh Wrap. Custom fit and targeted cold therapy for maximum relief.

  • Colour: Black with Blue Piping
  • Type: Compression Therapy with Cold Therapy
  • Compression Level: Cold Compression
  • Style: Outer compression wrap with Velcro and pump bulb+ inner gel pack
  • Fabric: Outer wrap: Nylon and velvet; Inner gel pack: PVC and Nylon
  • Box Contains: Compression Thigh Wrap with Adjustable Velcro Straps + Compression Pump Bulb + 1 Gel Pack
  • Sizes Available: Universal Size
  • Uses: Thigh Pain, Leg Fatigue, Hamstring Strain, Hamstring Weakness, Post Workout Recovery, Femur Fractures, Quad Strains, and General Pain.
  • Features: Cold Compression, Cool Gel Packs that is Temperature-resistant, Durable Superior Material, Velcro Straps, Pump Bulb for Regulated Compression, Utmost Comfort.
  • Benefits: Has Therapeutic effect, Improves Blood Circulation, Removes Swelling, and Provides Faster Recovery with Targeted Compression.

Helps in:

  • Accelerated Recovery
  • Anatomic Coverage
  • Relieves Pain
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Lessens Inflammation
  • Targeted Compression

Recommended For:

  • Thigh Pain
  • Post Workout Recovery
  • Hamstring Strain
  • Femur Fractures

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Relief With Cold Compression Thigh Wrap

Whether you are an athlete, a gym fanatic, or someone with an active lifestyle, incurring sudden pain in the thigh area is common. Made with quality material and convenient features, Sorgen’s cold compression thigh wrap can be used in several pain-causing conditions like strain, injury, fatigue, and weakness. Compression combined with cold in the thigh wrap supports and stabilizes the thigh muscles and enhances blood circulation. The anatomically designed upper thigh compression wrap with velcro straps makes it convenient to adjust the wrap according to your size.
Sorgen cold compression thigh wrap is useful for Hamstring Strain, Hamstring Tendonitis, Thigh Contusions, Groin Strain, Femur Fractures, Adductor Strain, Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome, Femoroacetabular Impingement, thigh soreness pain, and after sport-related injuries.


Why Cold Compress?

Cold compression is a scientifically proven method to fasten the recovery process. While cool gel pack help reduces inflammation in the affected area by reducing the rush of blood in the pain region, regulated compression helps the coolness of the gel pack penetrate deeper into the muscles and last for a long time. Regular cold compression in the pain area can result in a noticeable change in the pain levels. Studies at Kreiskrankenhaus Bopfingen, Germany, show that combining compression and cold therapy is more beneficial than only using an ice pack in the painful region.
The cold compression thigh support wrap by Sorgen uses this exact principle to help treat painful muscles, tendons, and tissues faster.

Top Traits!!

compression bandage for thigh muscle
Faster Healing

People with an active lifestyle, like runners, athletes, weight lifters, and other enthusiasts, strain their thighs quite often. The Sorgen cold compression thigh wrap provides relief with its unique combination therapy.

thigh wrap
Lasts Mulpile Uses And Reusable

With neoprene as the main fabric, the thigh bandage wrap is comfortable to wear. Further, the leakproof ice gel pack is reusable and provides maximum coldness at the pain site.

bandage for thigh
Right Amount Of Compression At The Right Place

Applying an ice pack to the thigh region can be a cumbersome process. The air pump attached to the wrap can be regulated to maintain a comfortable amount of pressure to improve the healing process.

thigh compression bandage
Improves Pain Due To Fatigue

Provides relief from pain due to fatigue that thighs often undergo. The wrapping fits perfectly to provide superior support.

compression sleeve for hamstring
Supportive Gear For Fitness Freaks

The Sorgen’s thigh wrap is a reliable gear for fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts, who require regular care for their thighs.

thigh compression wrap
Helps With Hamstring Strain

The combination of cold therapy and compression in the Sorgen thigh compression bandage supports the thighs in hamstring sprains and hamstring tendonitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Sorgen cold compression thigh wrap can be worn on any of the thighs.

Yes, the cold compression wrap is reusable.

The Sorgen’s cold compression thigh wrap support should be worn for 20-25 minutes every day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Helps in recovery

The cold compression thigh wrap helped me a lot in after gym muscle pulls and relieved pain much faster than expected.

Happy to buy

Good product, great design, can be worn on either of the thighs, quick shipping.

Reduces pain ans swelling

I am a runner and ofter suffer with spasms but this wrap ensures that I don’t stop due to pain or swelling in my thigh.

Tanu Taneja
Easy to use

Really love the way it wraps around my thigh. Easy to use and gives good results.

Worked perfectly for my problem

My doctor recommended cold compression after a muscle strain in my thigh. This wrap worked perfectly for me. Glad I bought it.