Sorgen® Premiere Compression Stockings Class III- Knee/Thigh Length

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Superior Fabric Unisex Science Based 100% satisfaction Quality Tested Graduated Compression Superior Fabric Unisex Science...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Rs. 4,800.00 Rs. 4,320.00
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Superior Fabric
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Graduated Compression
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Superior Fabric
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Relief With Premier Class III Below Knee Compression Stockings

Sorgen compression stockings are made with extreme precision and go under several quality checks. Premium Egyptian cotton ensures sweat-free and rash-free skin at all times. The compression applied through the Class III Premium Compression Stocking might feel tighter than regular stockings, as it is designed for serious medical conditions. Available in multiple sizes, the compression stockings come in skin colors, making them camouflage with most skin colors.

Pamper your legs with Sorgen Compression Stockings

Improves Blood Circulation best stockings for varicose veins
Relives Tired and Aching Legs leg stockings for varicose veins
Reduces Swelling compression socks for varicose veins
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How Does Compression Help?

Compression stockings come in handy when your leg starts hurting on a random day. Leg pain can trigger for multiple reasons, sometimes due to lack of movement or due to pre-existing medical conditions like DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or other venous insufficiencies. The most common causes of such conditions are: Hampered blood flow in the region, Fluid accumulation in the tissues. Compression stockings or DVT stockings apply graduated pressure in the lower leg region to help the blood flow return to normal circulation. Compression stockings have proven to help with some medical conditions, but it is best to follow expert medical guidance when experiencing severe pain.

Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

Features of Class III Premium Compression Stockings

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Fabric Advantage

The premiere range of compression stockings by Sorgen uses Egyptian cotton. It is 100% cotton on the side touching the skin.It is skin-friendly and especially advised for people with high skin sensitivity.

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Comes with a Glider

The Sorgen compression stockings come with a glider for easy wearability. Stockings with compression can get difficult to wear at times, which is why the free glider comes in handy when wearing the stockings.

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Reinforced Heels

Sorgen makes sure all its compression socks last multiple uses. The reinforced heel pockets add a layer of durability to the fabric that is rare to find in other compression stockings.

Class III Compression Stockings Manages:

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Leg Pains Due to ulcers

Class III compression stockings generally have a higher pressure than Class I and Class II stockings, so it is best to take expert advice before using medical compression stockings class III.

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Feet or Calf Muscle Inflammation

Blood pooling in the leg/foot region can cause muscle inflammation. Blood pooling is a common phenomenon to happen if one stays stationary for long hours. Using compression stockings can be helpful. Understanding if Class III compression will be suitable for your condition is also essential.

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Insufficiency in the Veins

Some of the common conditions that might result from venous insufficiency are varicose veins, DVT, spider veins, and oedema. Weakness in the veins results in erratic blood flow which then causes these conditions. Varicose veins socks apply pressure to regulate blood movement to lower pain levels.


Compression stockings are classified depending on the level of compression they provide. Class III compression provides 34-46 mm Hg pressure.

All the Sorgen Class III compression stockings provide a compression profile of 34-36 mm Hg compression. The difference is mainly in the fabrics and, thereby, the comfort.Sorgen Premiere uses premium Egyptian cotton. It gives the right blend of comfort and quality.

Class III compression stockings for women and men are recommended to reduce the discomfort caused by chronic venous insufficiency. It helps relieve circulation in the legs.

Customer Reviews

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P. Venkat Raman

Finding it difficult to wear despite putting the glider. Once stockings pulled it comes beyond mid thigh

Amit Shrivastav

Bhout acchi hai but toda rate jayda hai regular costumer ko kam hona chaiye

Abdullah Mullaji

Sorgen® Premiere Compression Stockings Class III- Knee/Thigh Length

Sajjan Bagaria
Compression Stockings COTTON

They are OK but material appears very rough. Very difficult to wear and remove compared to other brand i have been using.

Reshma M
Nice compression stockings

I was not getting class 3 anywhere. Found it on sorgen. Very good customer service team as well

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Sorgen® Premiere Compression Stockings Class III- Knee/Thigh Length

Knee Length / Small
Knee Length / Small
Rs. 4,800.00 Rs. 4,320.00