Medical Compression Socks

Sorgen support socks are a category of compression stockings that shall be supportive on a daily basis and during special times such as the ‘maternity period’. A perfect travel friend, a pair of Sorgen travel support socks might help you through a long trip that might be very strenuous for your legs, by providing some quality care. The support shall be intact throughout the travel period and will enable a smooth journey. Similarly, Sorgen premium support socks for travel is an exclusive range of wear made out of microfiber fabric, premium enough to support your precious legs throughout a tedious and eventful travel journey. The special fabric imparts soothing softness to the skin and leaves behind a unique experience while you travel and explore. Another category in this section is the everyday support socks, which use compressive force between 18-21 mmHg providing quick and effective relief. The mild effect shall be suitable for daily use. In addition, the last kind of compression stockings is the maternity compression stockings that would support a to-be mother during the tender period.


Our limbs strive a lot to earn a living. However, in certain conditions, they end up feeling the excess strain and deserve some real and caring support. Travel schedules can be long, involving a lot of walking or extended sitting time. Similarly, the maternity period is a tender tenure, wherein the legs have to provide extra support to the to-be mother. Sorgen support socks can make these times simpler and easier with their graduated compression design that can provide relentless support and relief from leg aches and swellings. The socks are made out of premium quality lycra spun under top-class machinery. Hence, the product is good enough to support the legs through rigorous travel schedules, tender maternity periods, and while at daily rigorous chores.


Sorgen support compression socks carry graduated compression in their design exerting the maximum effect on the ankles and the least at the upper end near the thighs. This unique feature enables us to ensure optimum blood flow in the foot region thereby relieving the lower leg region of pain, ache and swelling. The medically oriented style is additionally beneficial in reducing the risk of serious conditions such as DVT and thereby providing all-around support for the ever-striving legs. Hence the compression socks for varicose veins ensure healthy circulation to heal the pain!


The range of support socks would cater to many basic and some special times. The instances of regular aches, pain, and swelling can be reduced by opting to wear daily support socks. In addition, leg aches and sprains post-travel can be avoided by donning the travel compression sock the premium ones. The relentless support shall prevent any calf swelling or muscle spasms that might develop from prolonged sitting or walking. Lastly, the maternity compression stockings shall provide pain-free legs to the to-be-mother with their effective and relentless compressive force. Swelling and fatigue shall be avoided and the smooth material can be comforting to her legs. Also, the development of serious venous conditions can be prevented, thereby ensuring healthy legs throughout the entire maternity period.