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Travel Buddy Graduated Compression Internationally Complaint Unisex Prevents Flight DVT Ache Relief Travel Buddy Graduated...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Travel Buddy
Graduated Compression
Internationally Complaint
Prevents Flight DVT
Ache Relief
Travel Buddy
Graduated Compression
Internationally Complaint
Prevents Flight DVT
Ache Relief

Easy Travelling with Travel Buddy

Our limbs work really hard because they must. But in specific circumstances, people experience excessive stress and are in need of supportive assistance. Long travel times may involve a lot of walking or prolonged sitting. With its progressive compression design, Sorgen support socks can offer unwavering support and comfort from leg pain and swelling during these difficult times.

Pamper your legs with Sorgen Compression Stockings

Improves Blood Circulation
Relives Tired and Aching Legs
Reduces Swelling
Reduces Oedema
Prevent DVT
Improves Quality of Life

Sorgen Effect on your legs

Sorgen support socks are designed with progressive compression, which has the greatest impact on the ankles and gradually lessens toward the calf. By ensuring optimal blood flow in the foot region, this special feature helps to reduce pain, ache, and swelling in the lower leg area. The medically focused style is also advantageous in lowering the danger of critical illnesses like DVT and so offering all-around support for your constantly working legs.

Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

How to find the right size?
How to Wear?
How to Wash?

Measurement of the Ankle (A): Hold the measuring tape from 1cm and measure the circumference of the narrowest portion of the ankle. The Ankle measurements are usually denoted as A

Measurement of the Calf (B): Hold the measuring tape from 1cm and measure the circumference of the widest portion of the calf. The Calf measurements are usually denoted as B.

Correspond your measurements with those provided on the website and pick a size.

Have your shoe size? Even Better: Alternatively, you can choose your appropriate size according to your shoe size from the sizing chart given above.


 Pulling it up is easy-peasy!

  • Put your hand inside the socks foot with the heal facing down
  • Turn the leg of the socks inside out as far as the heel
  • Stretch the stocking sideways at the heel
  • Slide your foot into the stocking
  • Make the heel of the stocking coincide with your heel
  • Grasping the top of the stocking pull over the ankle, continue up the leg
  • Adjust and straighten the stocking as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.

Made for regular wear while also maintaining hygiene, Sorgen Travel Support Socks are quite durable and can be washed easily by following the steps given below:

Step 1 : Fill a tub with lukewarm water, adding mild detergent as required

Step 2 : Soak the sock for a maximum of 30 minutes

Step 3 : Rinse it under cold water until there is no longer any soapy residue

Step 4 : Dry in the shade. Do not wring dry

Step 5 : Wash regularly, after every 2-3 wears

Features that Stand Out

Relieve Pain with Travel socks

Wearing Sorgen travel support socks can make your trip memorable for all the right reasons, as they will provide the proper support to avoid any sprains and strains.

Graduated Compression

The design has been carefully examined and authorised to guarantee optimal blood flow to the lower limbs, keeping the feet healthy even under stressful circumstances.

Significant Travel Assistance

A travel routine can be tiring and tedious. But in those situations, sorgen travel socks won't let you down and will provide unwavering support all the way through to keep your legs on the road without any discomfort.


Wearing a pair of travel support socks will ease any leg aches or pains, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free flight.

Lowers risk of travel DVT

Deep vein thrombosis is a dangerous disorder that can happen for a number of heart and lung-related reasons. Our socks lower your risk of developing such dangerous disorders, ensuring a healthy future for your legs and overall body.

No Swelling

The travel socks provide reliable support throughout the journey period and assist to prevent any kind of swelling in and around the foot area, which helps with smooth performance of physical tasks.

Customer Reviews

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Parminder Singh Mall

Sorgen® Travel Support Socks

kuldip thombare

hi... this kuldip i am my job is in sales field so i need to travel so much and that time i am feel so pain in my lag

very comfortable socks

i am using sorgen travel socks in last 6 month .. its too good products and very comfortable socks .....

Rishabh S.
Fine and smuth


mohammad yousuf ali
starsFive Stars


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Sorgen® Travel Support Socks

Rs. 1,100.00 Rs. 885.00