My thigh-high compression stockings keep rolling down. What can I do?

How to Keep Your Compression Stockings Up

Compression stockings are meant to stay up to help reduce the stress and discomfort you might be facing. If these are not appropriately fitted or keep sliding down the legs, you might not be able to avail of their benefits.

Sometimes people face problems keeping high compression stockings up on their legs. Mentioned below are a few tips that would help you keep thigh-high compression stockings in place.

1. Check On The Silicone Band:

Compression stockings come with a flat wide silicone band, which helps get a better grip on the thighs. Frequently clean, maintain, and carefully handle the silicone band.

2. Wash Your Compression Stockings:   

Wash your compression stockings frequently. Ensure oil, dirt, and sweat are appropriately removed from it. If you do not clean it, the possibility is that it might wear out. Wash them with care so that these last long.

3. Wear Them Properly:

One of the reasons why stockings slide down is that you are not wearing them correctly. Compression stockings should be spread evenly on your legs. Wearing compression stockings might be a bit difficult as these are tight. People stretch the upper part to reach the mid-thigh and leave the lower portion creased and uneven. This causes the stockings to loosen and slide down. To wear the stocking evenly, use a glider every time.

4. Purchase Your Correct Size:

It is essential to find the stockings that fit your size. If the compression socks are new but they still roll down, you might not be wearing the correct size. Follow the sizing guide or ask us for assistance to find the right size.

Swelling can reduce, and so can your body weight. Thus, you must frequently measure your leg to ensure you are wearing the correct size. Doctors recommend stockings to those people who have swollen legs. Wearing stockings over time reduces the swelling; thus, if this happens, you require smaller stockings compared to what you bought earlier.

One solution is to use body adhesives or garter belts to keep your stockings in place. You can also watch our video on ‘how to wear compression stockings.

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