Knee Length vs. Thigh High Compression Stockings

Knee Length vs. Thigh High Compression Stockings- choose the best

Compression stockings are available in two versions Knee Length or Thigh High Compression. The doctor prescribes compression stockings to you if you have problems such as varicose veins, aching and swelling feet, or other circulation issues in your lower knee.

Knee-High Compression Stockings

Knee-high compression stockings reach just below the knee. These stockings help to alleviate all the symptoms. They help relax your muscles, which might be tensed due to pressure or inactivity. These stockings exert mild force throughout your lower legs. It helps to circulate blood, thereby providing you with comfort. These stockings are advantageous for those who face problems in the area covered by these stockings, that is, the lower leg.

Even travelers and athletes understand the uses of knee-high compression stockings. They experience tiredness and pain in the lower legs due to a large amount of running or traveling. To preclude soreness, pain, or any side effects that may arise due to excessive traveling or exercising, it is advisable to use them.

Thigh High Compression Stockings

Another type of compression stocking is the Thigh High Compression sock Not only are your ankles and calves but also your thighs, knees, quadriceps, and hamstrings benefit from compression therapy. Thigh-high compression stockings come with incredible benefits.

These stockings help to reduce spider or varicose veins behind your knees or in your thighs. Graduated compression can prevent, reduce and treat the appearance of varicose or spider veins. These stockings effectively cover the whole part of your leg. When pressure is applied to your legs, thigh-high compression socks work on all the parts of your legs simultaneously. Thus, you get relief from tiredness and soreness. These work wonders even for people who have pains in their mid-thigh.

After consulting with a healthcare professional, choose the type of stocking which would suit your needs. If you experience swelling below the knee, knee-length compression socks are the right choice. However, if you are experiencing pain above the knee, on the knee, or all over your leg, thigh-high compression stockings would be a perfect solution.


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