Compression Socks & Stockings for Varicose Veins

5 Reasons why you should wear compression stockings every day.


5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Stockings Every Day

9 out of 10 people today complain of tired and/or aching legs or swollen legs or for that matter any kind of leg discomfort. For most, of us, the saying prevention is better than cure just remains on paper and we seem to never implement it either. Let me tell you something. More than 50% of all kinds of leg health-related problems can be avoided if proper preventive methods are followed.

Compression Stockings Just tops the List.

  1. Relieve tired and aching legs

Most of the compression stockings available today use graduated compression therapy in them. This means the pressure is maximum at the ankle and it gradually reduces towards the calf and thigh. This helps the calf muscles pump blood to the heart.The most important reason for experiencing tired and/or aching legs is improper circulation. So wearing compression stockings every day keeps your blood circulation intact and relieves you from tired and aching legs.

  1. Decrease the risk of blood clots and also Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Travel has become an inevitable part of our lives today. Did you know that by sitting immobile for long hours you can be prone to get Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)? DVT occurs by clotting of blood in the deeper veins, which are not visible to the naked eye.  At times the clot can get dislodged which leads to pulmonary embolism, which in turn is fatal.Today, we have travel support socks, which are compression stockings mainly made for travel. These socks offer you the right compression as well as the fabric for comfortable travel. It is highly recommended that people traveling on long-haul flights wear travel socks during and post travel for a few days.

  1. Prevent further worsening of Spider veins or Varicose veins

Have you seen those blue or green veins at the back of the calf muscles? India has more than 10 million cases of varicose veins per year. This can be avoided if proper measures are taken. Varicose veins are the clotting of impure blood due to improper blood circulation at the superficial veins mostly occurring in the calf muscle. Spider veins are the start of varicose veins. They are very tiny appearances of the blue-green veins, which typically resemble a spider’s web.One of the most important muscles for assisting blood flow back to the heart is the soleus muscle of the calf. At times improper functioning of the soleus might also lead to varicose veinsCompression stockings for varicose veins come with different levels of compression depending on severity of the condition. By wearing compression stockings with low compression which are known as the preventive support socks prevents you from developing spider veins or varicose veins.People who have a job profile of standing or sitting for long hours are highly prone to develop varicose veins and are therefore recommended to wear compression stockings

  1. Avoid swollen legs and feet during pregnancy.

The most common complaint in pregnancy is swollen feet. In pregnancy, hormonal changes brought about to nurture the baby, can result in loss of vein-wall tone in the legs, pooling blood in the legs and reducing return of blood to the heart. This can lead to pain and fatigue in the legs and swollen ankles. In addition, the growing baby in the womb exerts pressure on large veins in the abdomen which can further slow down circulation in the legs.Compression stockings help the flow of blood back to the heart relieving pain, fatigue, and swelling of the feet.Maternity compression stockings available today offer the recommended compression with a comfortable fabric to relieve swollen legs and feet of the would-be mother.

  1. Improve quality of life

Last but not least. Blood circulation is an important part of your body’s overall function and health. Your heart pumps pure blood to various parts of the body and in return, all the parts of the body pump impure blood to the heart for purification. The pumping of blood from the heart is with gravity but for the lower extremities to pump blood back is a challenge. Improper blood circulation may be a cause of various other health conditions.Compression stockings apply graduated compression maximum at the ankle, reducing gradually towards the calf, effectively squeezing blood upwards in the legs.

After a hard day’s work, now you no longer need to refuse a play with your kids or a dinner date with your spouse, or a party with your friends. Wearing compression socks throughout the day keeps your blood circulation proper improving your stamina and relieving you from tired or aching legs thereby giving you a better quality of life.


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