How do Compression Stockings Work?

Compression stockings are worn mainly by people who want to improve blood circulation and prevent severe medical conditions. These are stretchable socks that gently squeeze your legs, which enhances blood flow and reduces pain and swelling in the legs.

Doctors recommend wearing compression stockings to people who have poor blood circulation, especially for those whose varicose veins are swollen or are diabetic. Pregnant women are also advised to wear it. People who work for hours in the same position should also wear compression stockings.

However, it is essential to wear compression stockings properly so that their effects are visible. Unlike the regular pair of socks you buy from the store, compression stockings must fit perfectly. You should feel a slight squeeze in your leg.

A few points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a pair of compression stockings are:

  • Compression stockings should not be painful to wear
  • They should not be loose or slide down
  • They should not be too tight
  • It must provide adequate compression as per your requirements.

Selecting the accurate size of your compression stockings is vital. To find perfect fitting compression stockings, you need to measure your leg first. The leg-measuring device is readily available at the doctor’s clinic. You can also follow the instructions given on the sizing chart.

You can visit our office to our office wherein our trained customer service staff will take the measurement of your legs and provide you with the correct pair of compression stockings.

How do compression stockings function?

Compression stockings help have a regular flow of blood up from your legs to your heart. Sorgen compression stockings have maximum compression around the ankle. It has descending pressure towards the top of the stockings. It helps to create better venous pressure, which prevents swelling and fatigue. These stockings help in relieving pain too.

The compression stockings replicate the pumping action of your muscles. Due to an activity such as walking, the muscles around and near the veins contract to force the blood flow. Similarly, the compression stockings apply pressure to your vein valves, thereby improving their function.