Quality in Every Stitch

MST Technology

Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings and Support Stockings use the MST Professional. Since 1977 SWISSLASTIC AG (formerly SALZMANN AG) is involved in the development and marketing of measuring  devices for the determination of compression in functional textiles. These devices, under the brand name MST (Medical Stocking Tester) have become indispensable aids to quality control in numerous textile laboratories world-wide.

Covered Yarns

Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings and Support Stockings are made by yarns from SWISSLASTIC AG. By means of modern machinery, highly qualified staff and best raw materials, SWISSLASTIC AG produce covered yarns that are “Made in Switzerland”.

The quality control is implemented according to the demands of the ISO 9001 certification and is constantly carried out throughout the whole procedure thereby ensuring continual product refinement.

Reinforced Heel & Toe

As Medical Compression Stockings are to be usually to be worn daily, its durability is a very important aspect.

Especially the heel and toe are repeatedly used. Having a reinforced heel and toe extends the durability of the stockings to a great extent.

TM Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings and Support Socks are manufactured with a reinforced heel and toe

Silicon Band

Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings which extend up to the thigh are equipped with a silicon band for extra grip and support. In India, the anatomy of most of the patients is such that the rolling down of the medical stockings for thigh length is very common.

The silicon band helps the stockings to hold the skin firmly.