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Sorgen® Cold Compression Calf Wrap
Sorgen® Cold Compression Calf Wrap
calf muscle compression wrap
best calf compression sleeve
calf compression wrap
calf muscle compression wrap
calf compression bandage
calf wrap
lower leg compression wrap
calf support wrap
Sorgen® Cold Compression Calf Wrap
Sorgen® Cold Compression Calf Wrap
calf muscle compression wrap

Sorgen® Cold Compression Calf Wrap

Rs. 3,150.00 Rs. 3,500.00 Sale

Experience fast relief from calf pain and swelling with the Sorgen Cold Compression Calf Wrap. Custom fit and targeted cold therapy for maximum effectiveness. Order now and get back on your feet

  • Colour: Black with Blue Piping
  • Type: Compression Therapy with Cold Therapy
  • Compression Level: Cold Compression
  • Style: Inner Gel Pack + Outer Compression Wrap with Velcro and Pump Bulb
  • Fabric: Outer wrap: Nylon and velvet; Inner gel pack: PVC and Nylon

Helps in:

  • Accelerated Recovery
  • Anatomic Coverage
  • Relieves Pain
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Lessens Inflammation
  • Targeted Compression

Recommended For:

  • Shin Splints
  • Calf Pain
  • Calf Strain
  • Tibialis Tendinopathy

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calf muscle compression wrap

Relief With Cold Compression Calf Wrap

Increased leg pain can be difficult to manage. Sorgen’s cold compression calf wrap provides a soothing relief in the calf’s muscular region. The treatment through the wrap uses the cryotherapy technique to control inflammation and the rush of blood flow in the pain area. Applying ice packs in the calf region can get messy, so it is best to use a cold compression wrap. The wrap for calf strain not only provides cold therapy but also regulates compression for faster recovery from painful conditions.
The wrap offers a unique set of features that gives it an edge over regular compression wraps. The leakproof gel pack is easy to use and reusable, making it convenient and long-lasting.


Cold Compression To The Rescue

When muscles inflame, the go-to treatment suggested by the experts is the R.I.C.E. treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). Sorgen’s compression wrap offers two of these together, i.e., ice and compression.
Cold compression is known as one of the best ways to treat inflammation in the muscles. There have been studies at the Kreiskrankenhaus Bopfingen, Germany, that proves the same. Sorgen cold compression knee wrap adopts this combination principle which shall be immensely useful for calf strain, calf muscle soreness, shin splints, minor wear and tear of tissues and ligaments, and after sport-related injuries.

Features That Stand Out

best calf compression sleeve
Easy Recovery With Sorgen Wrap

The unique combination of cold therapy and compression gives faster relief from the pain in the calves.

calf compression wrap
Ultra Premium And Durable

The use of neoprene quality in the Sorgen calf compression bandage makes it easy to wear around the calf and comfortable. Further, the ice gel pack that comes with the wrap is reusable and also puncture-free.

calf compression sleeve
Compression At The Pain Point

The detachable air pump for regulated compression makes it easier for the user to provide the required amount of pressure in the pain area. Further, the anatomically designed product provides pressure exactly where needed.

wrap for calf strain
Reduces Swelling

The Sorgen calf muscle compression wrap is highly beneficial for people who have an active lifestyle. It combines the dual action of cold and compression for diminishing swelling and muscle soreness in the calf region.

calf muscle compression wrap
Treats Calf Cramps

The cold calf compression wrap is known for its unique action on calf cramps. Take care of painful cramps with regular cold compression therapy with Sorgen’s wraps.

lower leg compression wrap
Manages Torn Meniscus And ACL

TTorn meniscus and ACL can be handled with calf wraps. The penetrative effects and sufficient contact time of the cold pack offer relief in pain from these conditions.

Buying Guide

How to use it
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing Sorgen’s calf support wrap can help improve blood circulation and reduce soreness.

Cold compression calf wraps should be worn when the calf muscle has undergone overexertion. Regular use of 20-25 mins every day can result in noticeable relief in pain.

The fit should be tighter than general socks, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortably painful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ritu Nair
Worth the money

Good quality product, very useful


This is the best calf compression product I have used so far but the combination with ice makes it perfect for soreness.

Chris Marry
Superb for cramps

Calf cold compression work instantly on crapms, never knew something like this ever existed. Impressed.

Krutika Agarwal
Nice for marathons

Immediate calf cold compressions helps me with my cramps after my run, amazing product.

Shreya Bhatiya
Cold for longer durations

The product wraps around my calf very perfectly and remains cold for very long times. Worth buying.