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Explore the Microfiber Softness & Comfort with Sorgen Royale Class II Compression Stockings

Who would agree with the fact that wearing compression stockings is daunting? The challenging and slightly complex method of compression stockings are undeniable. But what if I told you that the easy-to-wear Sorgen Royale compression stockings are incredibly soft and make it an absolute comfort to wear.

Buy Sorgen Royale Class II Compression Stockings - For men & women.

Graduated Compression Stockings: Sorgen Royale range of compression stockings with microfiber softness and comfort are the best choice. They apply graduated compression(i.e., maximum pressure at the ankle and the pressure le. gradually decreases towards the calf.) 

The Microfiber Advantage: The range of "Sorgen Royale" compression stockings is made with extra soft microfiber fabric. The microfiber material is breathable. It prevents moisture from settling on the skin, thus preventing the sweat from clinging onto the skin.

Knee Length & Thigh Length: These stockings are available in two different lengths. One is up to the knee (they are also known as below-knee compression stockings). The other is up to the thighs. You are requested to choose the correct size for optimum fit.

For men & Women: Sorgen Compression stockings are made to fit both men and women, and therefore can be worn by men and women.

Why Choose Sorgen Royale?

Smooth Microfiber Fabric

Sorgen Royale stockings have a silky texture that feels super smooth against your legs. The microfiber compression stockings provide long-lasting comfort and hold. They are highly breathable and have an advanced moisture-wicking technique that keeps legs cool and dry.

Breathable :The Sorgen Royale Microfiber Fabric absorbs away all moisture from the skin

Extra Soft: Microfiber medical compression stockings are very soft and comfortable on the skin.

Durability: Sorgen Royale stockings are durable because they are retractable & retain their shape for a long time, even after multiple washes.

Improved Features

Reinforced Heel and Toe:
The heels and toes have been reinforced to provide excellent fit and prevent slipping.
Silicon Grip Top:
The most common problem in thigh-high stockings is slippage and rolling. However, the silicone dot top band in our stockings provides support to help keep the socks stay up without binding and moving. It is tailored to not restricting the wearer's movement. Also, the round silicone knobs are gentle on your skin.
Open Toe:
For those who require compression, support, and a super fit, the soft, non-restricting open toe is perfect. 

International Standards

Sorgen compression stockings are RAL Compliant and the pressure is tested using the MST Technology (Gold standard in measuring compression levels)
They are also:

  • CE Certified
  • Oeko-Tex-100 Certified
  • TUV 9001
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • ISO 13485: 2016

You can wear Sorgen Royale compression stockings throughout the day, even during your active hours. It may include Walking, Jogging, Watching TV, Meditation, Picking up kids from school, working out, and all the other daily chores.

The reinforced heel and toe provided in the compression stockings prevent it from wear and tear.

Sorgen Royale compression stockings have been created using state-of-the-art technology. They strictly adhere to international standards, instead are at par with them. Sorgen Compression stockings are 100% skin-friendly and are tested by "Oeko-Tex 100".

The microfiber fabric keeps the skin dry & comfortable by wicking the skin away from any moisture/sweat.

Free glider for easy wear:  Wearing the "compression stockings" is slightly challenging for first-time users, but it is surprising to see how Sorgen Royale compression stockings glide effortlessly onto your body since they come with a free glider. It makes wearing compression stockings very easy and quick.

Softer and Stretchable: The extra soft feature of the microfiber fabric makes it easier to pull up the stockings and is most preferred by 1st time users.

It helps in relieving:

Aching, Tired, Heavy, Painful Legs

Most professions involve standing or sitting for long hours & has become an inevitable part of every day. It leads to tired/painful legs. Wearing graduated compression stockings will help relieve the leg pain and thus enhance the quality of your daily life.

Swollen legs/ Feet

Swollen legs are a prevalent leg condition, especially when sitting for long hours, during pregnancy, or on long-haul flights. The blood pooling in the veins results in these conditions. Wearing graduated compression stockings help in decreasing the swelling.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are also known as telangiectasias; it is the signs of varicose veins' initial stage. They appear tiny, like spider webs. It happens because of blood pooling in the veins, which makes it appear blue or green. Wearing Compression stockings helps in relieving these venous insufficiency conditions and helps to prevent further worsening.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a medical condition that occurs when veins are visible in blue-green swollen or knotted veins. It is found in the calf area of the leg. It happens when the venous valves in the leg are not efficient in returning blood to the heart. Wearing Compression stockings helps in relieving these venous insufficiency conditions and helps to prevent further worsening.

How to arrive at the exact size for my compression stockings?

Step 1: Measurement of the Ankle (A): Hold the measuring tape from the start and measure the circumference of the narrowest portion of the ankle. It is advised to take the best measurements in centimeters. Usually, the ankle measurement is denoted as "A."

Step 2: Measurement of the Calf (B): Hold the measuring tape from the start and measure the circumference of the most comprehensive portion of the calf. For the "Sorgen Compression Stockings," it is advised to take measurements in centimeters. Usually, the "calf measurements" are denoted as "B."

Step 3: Measurement of Calf C: Exactly hold the measuring tape 6 inches above the knee, which is almost 1 inch below gluteal cease and then measure the mid-thigh circumference. For the "Sorgen Compression Stockings," it is always advised to measure in centimeters. Usually, the "Mid-thigh measurements" is denoted as C

Have issues in finding your exact size? Call or WhatsApp us on 09321102110 and our trained staff will assist you with the same.

How to wear Sorgen Royale compression stockings?

  • It should be used as a slider
  • Firstly, put your hand inside the stocking foot with the heal facing down
  • Take the leg of the compression stocking inside out, far as the heel
  • Stretch the hose sideways at the heel
  • Slide your foot into the stocking
  • Try to make the heel of the compression stocking coincide with your heel
  • Grasping the top of the sock, pull over the ankle, continue up the leg
  • Adjust and straighten the hose as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.


What are Graduated Compression Stockings

Graduated medical compression stockings use the graduated compression technique wherein the most significant degree of pressure is exerted at the ankle and is gradually reduced towards the knee and thigh.

How do Graduated Compression Stockings (GCS) work?

Veins in the legs send blood back to the heart for purification as per the human anatomy. Prolonged sitting or standing can cause these valves to malfunction, which leads to blood pooling in the lower legs. This result is pain, swelling, and stagnation of the blood. GCS will help the veins to get empty and assists the return of blood to the heart.

What are Class II stockings?

  • Compression stockings are usually classified upon the levels of compression they can provide.
  • The class II Compression stockings has the compression level of "23-32 mm Hg", which is according to the "RAL Standards."
  • All the Sorgen Class II compression stockings provide MST tested RAL compression profile 23-32 mm Hg compression.

Which one should I buy?

  • The difference is mainly in the fabrics and thereby the comfort on the skin.
  • Sorgen Royale is made from microfibers which make the stockings breathable, softer and easy to wear.
  • Sorgen Premiere is made from Egyptian cotton providing high level of comfort.
  • Sorgen Classique made from synthetic fibers makes it economical and durable.

How do I know I need class II compression stockings?

It depends on the extent of your problem or the indications you have, like moderate to severe varicose veins, mild edema, DVT, etc. Based on this, the doctor or the medical practitioner recommends the class of compression stockings.

How are class II stockings different from class I?

Class I has 18-21 mm Hg, and Class II has 23-32 mm Hg compression.

Buying Guide:

  • In "Medical Compression stockings," the true SECRET is the FITTING. Please measure yourself as per the image given to choose the correct size.
  • You should not correlate the regular apparel size with the Sorgen Compression stockings. 
  • Do not judge the size based on looks. Please confirm.
  • Wearing the "compression stockings" looser for comfort may not give you the required compression.
  • It is advisable to buy two pairs of stockings at once as you will need to use one and wash the other
  • Washing compression stockings is easy. Add some liquid detergent to water at room temperature and clean using your hands. Do not squeeze or machine wash

Secure with Sorgen

  • Sorgen is dedicated to offering the best quality of compression stocking wear, from medical compression stockings to compression socks and sports compression gear
  • All the products by Sorgen are made with premium quality raw materials, which ensures a perfect fit. Our experts personally test and examine all the batch to ensure that it complies with our" qGEN protocol" of inspection. All Sorgen products are personally hand inspected multiple times, which provides the product superior comfort and durability.
  • Our SORfit technology ensures that our products comply with the standard sizing and fitting nomenclature. 
What if it doesn't fit me? Don't worry. We offer a 3-days return and exchange policy from the exact date of delivery. You can always get an exchange done or ask for a refund. Without any questions asked.

    How to wear Sorgen Royale Compression Stockings?

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