Sorgen Cold Compression Shoulder Brace / Wrap

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The Sorgen® Cold Compression Shoulder Brace provides complete cool therapy and compression to your shoulder. It is designed to provide your shoulder the optimal compression and support. The lightweight and adjustable brace has a comfortable fit for right and left shoulders.

Simply slide the shoulder brace into the sleeve and strap it around your chest.

  • Innovative support which uses cold compression therapy to minimize pain and discomfort and reduce swelling.
  • Features detachable gel lining which can be placed in the fridge/ freezer. Inflation pump with a handy two-way cut-off valve.
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for comfortable and adjustable compression and support
  • Suitable for use to treat sprains and strains, swelling, muscle fatigue, sports, and other injuries. Ideal for rehabilitation.
  • Breathable neoprene fabric. Fully washable.
  • Pump up with air and compress the cold to alleviate pain faster 
  • Removable gel pack for cooling in the freezer
  • Shut off valve to  maintain the desired compression 
  • Used for sprains, strains, rehab, muscle tension/fatigue and sports injuries And osteoarthritis.
  • Work above or below clothing without ruining them it any emergency 

Controlled Compression: Squeeze air pump until the desired pressure is reached. After each use, deflate the compression brace. Simply push the button next to the ball pump.

  • The brace provides 20 minutes of cold/compression therapy
  • Designed to reduce pain and swelling in the forearm and elbow region
  • Compression to reduce swelling and pain 

Ideal for:
Torn rotator cuffs
Shoulder tendonitis
Tendon injuries
Shoulder impingement
Over-used biceps and upper arms

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