Sorgen a Global brand with an Indian soul!

Thank you to all our 30,000+ customers for trusting our brand Sorgen to be your source for top quality compression stockings. Advancing health and spreading our wings internationally, Sorgen is now also registered in the USA. We are committed to being a globally recognized brand in compression therapy products.

In a time when there is an unsteady supply of items, and the quality seems to be compromised by price, we are determined to continue to offer the genuine quality that Sorgen has always provided. With SORshield trust, you can be assured that every product is governed by our quad standard of care.

Our range of stockings is precision engineered with the latest SORfit technology and superior quality materials in Egypt. Our goal is to source and deliver world-class products that will help you live your best. We are dedicated to providing our customers with consistent and premium quality in compression stockings that offer you comfort and care.

Management of venous and lymphatic conditions, and restoring your leg health is our goal. You can look forward to the excellent quality of compression stockings from us, as always.