Sorgen® Compression Ankle Sleeves

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Relentless Support Easy wear Graduated Compression Scientifically Qualified Unisex Sophisticated Design Relentless Support Easy wear...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Relentless Support
Easy wear
Graduated Compression
Scientifically Qualified
Sophisticated Design
Relentless Support
Easy wear
Graduated Compression
Scientifically Qualified
Sophisticated Design

Sleeve it to Relieve it!

Sports and Fitness are the two trending words that are inspiring people in today’s time and age. Athletics is not just restricted to sports persons and nowadays is practiced by the common man for his physical and mental wellbeing. But in any case, the body needs the proper care to enjoy the benefits of a rigorous fitness routine. Fear not folks, Sorgen shall help nurture the muscles, ligaments and joints of your leg region with its range of products that includes dedicated sleeves for the specific segments of your lower limbs.

Keep calm and wear Sorgen

Relieves Heel Pain
Relieves Foot Pain
Helps in Recovery
Soothes Ankle Pain
Reduces Swelling
Improves Stamina

Scientifically Explained

Life is a busy game for most of us. Walking, running and for some jumping around is a daily event. Amidst such activities, the tender ankles are exposed to a lot of strain leading to pain, swelling in the feet or sometimes sudden sprain. Pulling up a Sorgen ankle sleeve shall provide you maximum comfort and shall support you to continue with the daily activities and keep moving around in the game of life safe and securely.

Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

How to Measure?
How to Wear?
How to Wash?

Have you shoe-size handy!

The fit is very important. Please choose the right size according to your shoe size and match it against the sizing chart provided above.


 Pulling it up is easy-peasy!

  • Stretch the sleeve sideways
  • Slide your foot into the stocking
  • Grasping the top of the stocking pull over the ankle.
  • Adjust and straighten the stocking as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.
  1. Fill the bucket with warm water. Add mild detergent (preferably liquid) and disturb the water with your hands to be sure that the detergent has been spread evenly
  2. Soak the compression sleeves into the bucket of warm water. When in water slightly rub the stockings against your palm and fingers
  3. Once you have done step 2 properly. Remove the soap filled water and add a fresh batch of warm water. Rinse the compression stockings gently and remove any excess soap
  4. After properly rinsing your socks, remove them and gently squeeze them to remove excess water. Leave them on a flat surface or hang them on a hanger to dry.

More benefits with Sorgen


The Sorgen compression ankle sleeve has an open toe design making is very easy to wear and supports any footwear design.

Unisex and Versatile

You can wear your Sorgen ankle sleeve while going to the gym, running, marathons, hiking, cycling, and brisk walking in the park! Its versatility suits every activity.

Comfortable Design

The slip-on design of the Sorgen compression sleeve is ideal. It has defined cuts, ribbed bands and compression welt for overall support

Supports Muscle Recovery

If you have had any muscle stretch in the gym or while hiking, wear this ankle sleeve every time you walk to support the recovery process.

Can be used in daily routine

You can wear this compression sleeve in every weather and Indian climate. It will keep your feet cool and comfortable in every weather

Reduces heel pain and swelling

The Sorgen compression ankle sleeve works best to reduce heel pain, ankle sprain and swelling. The compression helps to heel faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sorgen compression ankle sleeve can be worn with any kind of footwear,

It is for both the legs

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Suhail P
Much recommended for heel pain

I had early morning heel pain alsmost everyday. From when I have started to wear this. It has helped me.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav

I am using Ankle sleeve and bomboo compression screw length socks this product is very comfortable , suitable, light, and support . Swelling reduse and pain manage this product.


good to prevent first aid

Alok Ranade
Fabulous feel

Sorgen ankle sleeve is phenomenal! I suffer from pain and ankle swelling when I'm on my feet for a long time. I've been using the sleeve for a week and the pain has significantly lesseneThe fit is perfect and I wear mine with thin regular socks.I highly recommend this product

Honestly magic

There is magic in these sleeves. I have been in pain for months. My friend happened to attend a varicose veins seminar that was conducted and came to know of this product.I bought two and I have been wearing these for around one week now and they make my ankles feel good.Thank you Sorgen.

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Sorgen® Compression Ankle Sleeves

Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 1,074.00