Sorgen Cold Compression Hand Brace / Wrap

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Sorgen® Cold Compression Hand Brace :

provides complete cool therapy and compression to treat sprains, injuries, and ailments around the elbow. It helps in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, helping sports recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Innovative support which uses cold compression therapy to minimize pain and discomfort and reduce swelling.
  • Features detachable gel lining which can be placed in the fridge/ freezer. Inflation pump with a handy two-way cut-off valve.
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for comfortable and adjustable compression and support
  • Suitable for use to treat sprains and strains, swelling, muscle fatigue, sports, and other injuries. Ideal for rehabilitation.
  • Breathable neoprene fabric. Fully washable.
  • Pump up with air and compress the cold to alleviate pain faster 
  • Removable gel pack for cooling in the freezer
  • Shut off valve to  maintain the desired compression 
  • Used for sprains, strains, rehab, muscle tension/fatigue and sports injuries And osteoarthritis.
  • Work above or below clothing without ruining them it any emergency    

Controlled Compression:

Squeeze air pump until the desired pressure is reached. After each use, deflate the compression brace. Simply push the button next to the ball pump.

  • The brace provides 20 minutes of cold/compression therapy
  • Designed to reduce pain and swelling in the hand
  • Compression to reduce swelling and pain 

Sorgen Cold Compression Hand Brace / Wrap Ideal For:

Sprains and strains in the hand

Over-worked forearms

Quantity: 1 Unit 

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