Sorgen Firm Knee Cap

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Boosts Recovery: Sorgen Knee Cap offers firm support that improves muscular
endurance and protects the knee. Enabling a full range of motion, stimulates
blood flow, and supports faster muscular recovery.
Firm Knee Support: It is fabricated with Sorfit Technology to decrease knee
pressure making it perfect for intensive activities. It is recommended for sports
enthusiasts in activities such as basketball, tennis, gym fitness training, cycling,

Durable and Breathable: Made with high-grade professional material, the
Sorgen Knee Cap is breathable, and non-slip wrap-around knee cap providing
support to the knee for an enhanced feeling. It is designed for all-day flexibility
and ultra-durability. 

All-Day Comfort: This knee cap provides reliable support for everyday comfort
and mobility. It comes with a 4-way stretch capability that offers pain relief as
well as superior protection. It offers moderate support and comfortable wear
due to its lightweight design.

Ergonomic Fit: Anatomical shape of your knee is supported by a patterned
design for a good fit. Feel secure as your knee is secure by a snug fit of the
knee cap that stays in place. Fits you perfectly without limiting knee
movement. Very comfortable and can be worn every day under clothing. 

Effortless Slip-On Style: Being slip-on wear, this knee support is comfortable
and easy to wear. Wearing and removing the knee cap is more comfortable
due to the elasticity. Keep knee sprains and pain at bay by using Sorgen Knee
Cap while you enjoy your sport or workout routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Comfortable for all-day use.

I genuinely loved this knee cap. This arrived home yesterday.... Speedy delivery. Such a nice experience talking to the customer care too.

All this while I was wearing a knee cap from another brand. Now it's time to wear a new one.
I have been suffering from pain and swelling in my left knee. Squats and lunges are my favorite go-to workout. But it gives me a very sharp knee pain. To my wonder as soon as I wore this Sorgen Knee Cap, I started experiencing the warmth and support over my knees. Kept wearing these for the whole day yesterday... did my shopping out and worked around the house.
I highly recommend this knee cap. You will love them!


Got it yesterday Very comfortable the compression feels right and it stays in place.


They were prompt in response and super friendly which I personally appreciated The knee cap feels good The tightness on my knee was just right and extremely comfortable.

Wonderful all the way around

I was looking for a knee cap specifically to provide support while stepping up my running game This gives me that support Thanks.