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A premium group of compression stockings that are best for medical purposes. The core principle behind the construct of this product is ‘Graduated Compression’, which strategically provides compression to the lower limbs. Once worn the pressure is felt maximum at the ankle, which gradually reduces near the calf/ thigh area. This engineered design establishes a pressure gradient that ensures the upward flow of blood toward the heart instead of refluxing downward toward the ankles. The lateral flow to the superficial veins is also prevented with this mechanism. This principle is a well-studied method that effectively helps to alleviate pain and provide relief.


These sets of stockings can be beneficial to counter serious conditions like DVT, which means deep vein thrombosis. The venous condition often manifests into varicose veins, meaning the clotting of blood in and around the calf region, generating pain and other medical troubles. Externally, the lower limb develops a bluish color due to the development of multiple clots. This condition, if unattended, might further affect the circulatory system and shall damage the lungs, possibly might lead to a stroke. However, Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings/varicose vein stockings shall help in such dreadful times by taking care of the legs and providing the necessary relief.

Medical Stockings: Available In Thigh-Length And Knee-Length.

The medical compression stockings are categorized into three classes- Class I, Class II, & Class III. This distribution is based on the compression level that the stocking can exert. Class-III Compression Stockings, fall at the top, offering a compressive in the range of 34-46 mm Hg. Then comes Class-II Compression Stockings, which have a compression level between 23-32 mm Hg. Then, Class-I Compression Stocking has the mild range of pressure among the three to offer, anywhere between 18-21 mm Hg. With this classification, the medical compression stockings give the choice of compressive range, catering to different conditions and situations that shall be exclusive to a patient. A medical practitioner shall suggest the choice of class and wearing them on a regular basis shall keep the associated medical condition at bay by healing the affected region in the lower limb.

compression stocking is a Classique product that is designed to provide medical benefits to your lower limbs and in turn, keep the whole body healthy and fine. The socks have been carefully stitched with premium hosiery that shall not only be soft to the calves but also impart the right pressure in a graduated fashion. This specific kind of design is helpful in order to prevent the clotting of blood in the calf muscles and thus avoid a catastrophic medical situation like pulmonary edema or a brain stroke. The graduation ensures the proper flow of blood to and fro from the heart.

Quality Wise the fabric is superior and is 100% tested with proper tools for all the parameters of quality testing. Our Sorgen compression socks with sophisticated make shall be the right fit to alleviate pain and will efficiently help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for its esteemed customers.

Easy to wear, a pair of these compression socks shall be a big boon and the microfiber shall wick off the moisture that is generated from perspiration. The medical compression stockings are manufactured from yarns procured from SWISSELASTIC AG, a high-grade raw material, which spurns out smooth and skin-friendly stockings, apt for daily and long-lasting use. In addition, the make constitutes microfiber, which is highly advantageous in tropical countries like India, as it wicks away moisture and prevents the cloth from clinging to the skin, without affecting the compression level. In addition, the manufacturing is done with MST technology falling and adhering to the RAL compression profile.