What does class l compression mean?

Compression stockings are classified depending on the level of compression they provide.

Class I Compression stockings have a compression level of 18-21mm Hg. (This pressure is according to the RAL Standards)

How many class l compression stocking do you have?

We have 3 Choices for class II compression stockings for you to choose from.

Which class l compression stocking should i buy?

All the Class 1 compression stockings sold on www.compressionstockings.in provide MST tested RAL compression profile 18-21 mm Hg compression.

The difference is mainly wrt the fabrics and thereby the comfort on the skin.

Sorgen Classique is made from Synthetic fibers making it more economical with durability

Sorgen Royale is made from microfibers which make the stockings breathable, softer and easy to wear. The durability aspect is also retained in this

Venosan stockings are made from premium Egyptian cotton for those who prefer cotton to any other fabric.

Depending on your choice of fabric you can choose any of the Class I Stockings.

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How Do i know that i need class l compression stocking?

Depending on the extent of your problem or the indications you pose like tired and aching legs, swollen feet, spider veins etc the doctor or the medical practitioner recommends the class of compression stocking.

How are class l stockings different from class ll stockings?

Class I stockings have a compression level of 18-21 (Mild ) Compression and Class II stockings have a compression level of 23-32 mm Hg (Moderate) compression