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Maternity Pal Graduated Compression Internationally Complaint Skin-Friendly Easy to wear Premium Comfort Maternity Pal Graduated...

(It is advised to buy 2 pairs for regular use.)

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Rs. 1,950.00 Rs. 1,450.00
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Maternity Pal
Graduated Compression
Internationally Complaint
Easy to wear
Premium Comfort
Maternity Pal
Graduated compression
Internationally Complaint
Easy to wear
Premium Comfort

Experience motherhood reassured

Our limbs strive a lot as they have to. But in certain conditions they end up feeling excess strain deserving some real and caring support. The maternity period is a tender tenure, wherein the legs have to provide extra support to the to-be mother. Sorgen maternity support socks can make these times simpler and easier with it’s graduated compression design that can provide relentless support and relief from leg aches and swellings.

Pamper your legs with Sorgen Compression Stockings

Improves Blood Circulation
Relives Tired and Aching Legs
Reduces Swelling
Reduces Oedema
Prevent DVT
Improves Quality of Life

A clinically approved pick for you ?

Sorgen support socks carry graduated compression in its design exerting the maximum  effect on the ankles and gradually reduces towards the calf.. This unique feature enables to ensure optimum blood flow in the foot region thereby relieving the lower leg region of pain, ache and swelling.
Mothers go through several complexities before they are gifted with a beautiful child. These fruitful days should be full of domestic comfort, which is incomplete without Sorgen maternity socks. They help in:

  • Pressure on the legs due to strained veins from weight gain or an enlarged uterus
  • Swollen heels, ankles, and knees
  • Joint pains from an extra accumulation of blood
  • Inflammation from a flattened foot because of increased weight stress on the hips and legs

    Buying Guide For Sorgen Compression Stockings

    Fine Features !

    Wear it to relieve it

    Wearing Sorgen travel support socks can make your trip healthily memorable as it shall be the right support to prevent any kind of aches and sprains.

    Graduated Compression

    The clinically tested and approved design ensures optimum blood flow at the lower limbs rendering the feet healthy during challenging times.

    Maternity Support

    Sorgen maternity suppor t socks are designed exclusively to handle the pressure that the leg holds during the sensitive tenure. They provide the care and support that the moms-to-be deserve.

    No To Varicose Veins and DVT

    Sorgen maternity socks are designed efficiently in a graduated fashion that ensures proper blood circulation and thus avoiding conditions like pregnancy related varicose veins

    Pain-free Legs

    The maternity period involves a lot of fluctuation in the hormonal levels thereby leading to loss of vein wall tone and pooling of blood producing pain. The maternity socks provide the right support and provide relief from pain and strain.

    Lowers Swelling and fatigue

    The baby evolving in the womb exerts pressure on the veins, in turn affecting the blood flow at the legs. This further leads to swelling and fatigue which can be avoided by wearing Sorgen maternity socks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 183 reviews
    Alisha Madan
    Really helped me a lot!

    I was just browsing the net, when I stumbld upon this product. Just helped me during my pregnancy. Will recommed it to all the Mom-to-be

    Four Stars

    Andhra Pradesh

    These saved my pregnant calves and feet!!!

    Four Stars


    nice fabric. working great for combatting swelling



    I was shocked. I didn't wear them again and the swelling never came back. I am sure this is unusual but that alone was worth the price of the socks.

    buy this product

    They are comfortable and have definitely helped keep my spider veins in check during my pregnancy.

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    Sorgen® Maternity Support Socks

    Black / Small
    Black / Small
    Rs. 1,950.00 Rs. 1,450.00