Compression Stockings -

Which fabric should I choose while buying compression stockings?

Let us take a look at the various fabrics available

1.      Synthetic (Lycra)

The most common compression stockings available today is synthetic because of its economic pricing and durability. These synthetic compression stockings have 68% polyamide and 32% elastane. Considering the climatic condition in India, especially during summer synthetic compression stockings may result in sweating and discomfort. However in the colder cities of India, patients experience no discomfort.

Our Venosan Vitamed series of stockings have the synthetic fabric in them

Price: Very Economic

Comfort: Medium

Durability: Medium


2.      Cotton

The most common myth is a cotton compression stockings is 100% cotton. You must understand that for the stocking to provide graduated compression it must have some elastic function to it and therefore it cannot be 100% cotton. By saying cotton compression stockings, we mean the fabric will have a higher composition of cotton in addition to the elements. A cotton compression stockings usually have around 15-20% cotton in it. For a country like India cotton compression stockings are the most ideal. But it is slightly expensive than the synthetic blended ones.

Price: Slightly expensive

Comfort: High

Durability: High


Venosan 100 series of stockings are our range of cotton stockings.

3.      Cotton with Seacell

As the name says it is a cotton fabric which has a SeaCell fiber blend in it. SeaCell is the natural fiber, which contains the best of seaweed. SeaCell is made after years of intensive research to develop a fiber made from renewable resources. This cellulose fiber serves as a host for sea weed and therefore also contains the sea weeds revitalizing properties for the skin.  By far these compression stockings have the outmost comfort while wearing them.

Price: Very expensive

Comfort: Very High

Durability: High


Our Venosan 7000 series of stockings have the cotton plus Seacell blend in them.

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