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The best marketing input for you.

Choosing the most apt marketing input is surely not an easy task. It has to match your brand’s reputation, add value to your brand and most importantly fit in your budget.

Let me tell you, we have found the answer. Sorgen Support Socks for Doctors, Nurses and Para-medical Staff is all what you need!

Read on to know why we choose Sorgen!

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In case you’re experiencing tired throbbing legs, swelling, any venous problems or varicose veins, your doctor may recommend wearing compression stockings.

Are you thinking – “Stockings?! What can a pair of stockings fix?”

With the medical world advancing every day, many could be uncertain of the power of compression stockings to be effective.

Going back in time to 5000 BCE, soldiers wore bandages on their legs even without having any wounds. This is illustrated in cave drawings in Sahara. What they knew was that compression helped heal the body.

Graduated compression stockings are designed to apply the right amount of pressure on the veins of the leg. The maximum amount of pressure is at the ankle which decreases up the calf and thigh. Through graduated compression, blood can smoothly flow upward against gravity, which eases the pain and swelling

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The right time is NOW. Waiting until the last moment can make matters worse.

If you are considering wearing compression stockings, you are looking for relief from swelling, pain, and discomfort in the legs and feet. The graduated compression it provides relieves legs and feet from swelling, pain and venous disorders.

Compression therapy works, and doctors recommend it to prevent and ease the signs and symptoms linked with venous diseases. However, not all of us with leg or foot pain should immediately wear a pair of compression stockings. It is best to seek advice from your doctor to start wearing them. Here’s some more information to help you decide if you should start wearing compression stockings now.

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If you are experiencing tired, aching legs due to varicose veins, compression stockings will bring relief. Spending long hours standing or sitting, teachers, chefs, nurses, hair stylists, drivers, wait staff, factory, and office workers will find compression stockings useful. Some athletes and air travelers wear compression stockings to reduce muscle fatigue and discomfort.

In general, compression stockings are for anyone to improve circulation.

But does any length (knee length or thigh length compression stockings) provide the circulation you need?

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Thigh high compression stockings provide graduated pressure from the feet to the mid-thigh, helping blood to flow back toward the heart. But it may come with one problem – it rolls down.

Thigh high compression stockings roll down due to many different factors. This guide can help you resolve the issue.

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