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Varicose veins are a medical issue that rarely makes it on the headlines, even while they are very common. Many adults have them, while not all cases show symptoms, it is an issue that requires attention. Not only can varicose veins be unattractive, but they could also cause swelling, cramping, fatigue, and pain.

While some are at great risk for developing varicose veins, almost anyone can be a victim. Not even the A-list prominent celebrities are an exception to varicose veins. You’ll be surprised to know that some of our favorite athletes and celebrities have undergone treatment for their varicose veins and vein issues.

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Maintaining work-life balance is of outmost priority today. And travel is the most preferred way to keep the balance maintained. Be it solo-tripping, couple goals or family vacation travel tops everyone’s bucket list. I am sure while reading this you are already planning your next trip. Isn’t it?

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Want to explore? What better way than traveling!

A few of us like to travel light, and some prefer to carry their whole household items with them (well nearly!). However, one must plan to travel light so you can be tension-free and at ease.

Make a quick checklist of essential items to carry. When we say “essentials,” we mean it. So, if you are about to pack five sets of shoes and five bottles of body lotion for a weekend trip, don’t!

What to have packed and what not truly depends upon the sort of trip you are preparing for and the destination, climate and number of travelers with you.

Regardless of your traveling intentions are, whether adventure or business, here is a rundown of ‘Must-Takes’ to help you.

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Summer is approaching, and you may plan to pack your bags for your next trip to Manali. We’re happy for you, but there is always a dangerous disadvantage of traveling that you may not know about, i.e., being immobile for long.

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