Why homemakers are prone to varicose veins?

The Department of General Surgery at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, conducted a prospective study over a period of 12 months. In one of the studies, it was seen that the majority who developed varicose veins had a history of long-standing hours. Occupations like a housewife, laborer, barber, carpenter were all present in the group.

Many homemakers, crossing the age of 50 feel tired quickly, particularly when working all by themselves. One of our customers shared with us the story of her severe leg pain from varicose veins cause pain in her calf muscles to the back of her knees. She resorts to half an hour of relaxation before getting back on her legs for the rest of the day. Wearing compression stockings reduced her discomfort and swelling.

Just like her, there are so many women who develop varicose veins. The long sitting and standing hours, pregnancy or genetics can affect you. Having to tidy the house, take care of your toddler, working from home, dealing with pregnancy – all this with your painful legs can be daunting. The best start for you is to see a vein specialist to determine the cause of the varicose veins and seek treatment accordingly.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Vein Health

#1. Exercising between work

Walk around in the house between chores. This will increase your blood circulation. Try to fit in some stretching exercises while waiting for the water to boil, watching television or any other household activities. Maintaining a healthy weight can even out the pressure on your legs. Consult a physician before beginning any workout, especially, if you are pregnant.

#2. Compression Stockings

Daily wearing of compression stockings slow down the progression of varicose veins and eases its symptoms. Wear them for as long as you are on your feet during the daytime hours or as per the recommendation of your doctor.

#3. Ensure leg posture

Keeping a few pillows under your feet while you take an afternoon nap may help force blood upwards. While sitting, do not cross your legs as it can slow circulation to and from your lower legs.


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