What You Need to Know About Medical Compression Sleeve

How compression sleeves help with varicose veins

Regular wearing of a compression sleeve helps control the symptoms as well as prevents the development of venous disorders in the first place. Compression garments are usually worn during the day. You can consult with the doctor before wearing it.

Medical compression sleeves work by creating gradient compression causing blood to flow uniformly to the heart. They help prevent the stoppage of blood making the veins incompetent, and incompetent veins lead to varicose veins. They were designed for the prevention and alleviation of vein disease, which will help with your blood circulation and higher levels of oxygenation.

Compression sleeves keep the valves of the vein firm to allow blood to flow upwards only. By steadying the vein valves in the correct position, the veins function well, and the chances of blood pooling reduce, so, there is less swelling and pain. It is important to talk to your physician to know the best compression level suited for you.

Buying compression sleeves

It’s important to approach a reputable retailer when purchasing compression sleeves to get the right size. A poor fitting compression sleeve may worsen the problem. It must cover where the varicose veins are present and the entire area where you experience pain and swelling. The sleeves should not be too tight or too loose in areas such as your wrist or elbow. Well cared for, it often lasts for around six months before it loses its compression.

You can’t change your age, gender, or genetics, but maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly will keep your blood pressure healthy. Start with understanding your body. It is time for you to treat your body well!