What is the Difference Between AES And Medical Compression Stockings?

Now let’s move on to Medical Compression Stockings

Medical compression stockings are graduated compression stockings with a specific compression class. You can read more about the different compression class here

Medical Compression stockings are used as therapeutic use to address issues like varicose veins, spider veins, DVT, lymphedema etc in ambulatory patients.

Compression Level: Medical Compression Stockings have compression levels of Class I (15-20mm Hg), Class II (23-32 mm Hg) or Class III (34-42 mm Hg)

Colour: Usually Beige

Durability: 4-6 Months.

Please Note: The above statements do not replace nor override the doctor call on which stocking is to be worn. Also, the durability is a function of the brands used. The Facts stated above are taking into consideration Vitamed and Venosan brands sold on this portal.