Quick Guide On Socks For Long Flights

Socks for long flights:

The best compression socks for travel are the ones that are comfortable when traveling. Doctors recommend wearing them on long flights. They also recommend travelers to walk up and down the aisle, stretch and move around to keep the legs comfortable.

Once you wear flight stockings every time you travel, you’ll want to wear compression socks while sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Your legs will benefit from them. If you are about to travel on a long flight, but never wear them, buy them in advance. We suggest you purchase a pair of flight socks ahead of your trip to get used to wearing them.

While you prepare to have good socks for travel, make sure your footwear is good too. Before the trip, wear your travel socks and shoes to walk on even grounds to know whether they are comfortable. Keep at least two pairs of socks while traveling if you intend to wash them. These socks have specific instructions to wash and dry. Get as many pairs of travel socks, preferably, one for each day as nobody wants to wash garments on vacation.

Who Invented Compression Socks?

Conrad, an engineer, together with Dr. Otto Gauer, a physiologist, created the compression socks. Conrad had venous ulcers in his legs. While in his pool, he felt better on his legs due to the pressure from the water. These circulation socks distribute pressure differently on various areas of the leg.

Sorgen Compression Socks

Our travel socks provide just the right amount of pressure distribution to your leg to improve blood circulation. We have designed it to look good with your stylish footwear. Our premium travel socks collection comes in beige and black colors. It is perfect to be worn to match your business attire and casual look. We also have regular travel socks that come in black; suited for occasional travel.