How does obesity affect varicose veins?

Managing weight issues can be troublesome. However, it is a very important part of maintaining your vein health either to prevent any disease or treat varicose veins or after varicose vein removal to prevent new varicose veins from happening.

How Does Extra Weight Cause Varicose Veins?

While most know that being overweight or obese can prompt to various health problems, they overlook how their weight can put them in risk for varicose veins. The most immediate connection of obesity with varicose veins is that when people carry excess weight, they put excess pressure on their veins. This additional pressure can make the veins and the valves inside them break due to weakness, thus developing varicose veins.

Another link between obesity and varicose veins is that many people who are overweight or obese do not exercise enough. Physical activity, even gentle walking, help keeps the blood circulate as it should. Sitting or standing for long obstructs blood to flow normally. That is the reason many people with vascular issues experience swelling in their legs and ankles after they’ve been sitting for a long time. Some blood has pooled there as it couldn’t make it up from the legs to the heart fighting against gravity.

How Weight Can Hide Varicose Veins!

Being overweight can hide your varicose veins. You may feel you are not affected, but you can never be sure unless medically checked. The additional fat, especially on your legs, can really cover up varicose veins. As varicose veins are not near the surface of the skin, it is harder to see it developing in obese people.

If you don’t know about it, your problem will be left unseen and untreated. This can prompt to more serious vascular and other health problems, including venous leg ulcers.

Shedding Your Weight

Fortunately, overweight patients with varicose vein have a solution for their pain. By getting fit and wearing compression stockings, patients can decrease the likelihood of swelling in their varicose veins further. You can prevent further inflammation and slow the development of other varicose veins. While it won’t treat them, losing weight and wearing compression stockings will help make it more manageable.