Five Celebrities Who’ve Struggled with Varicose Veins

1. Serena Williams

We adore her. She is one of the best tennis players and has stolen our hearts with her determined drive and fierce play. However, she has had to deal with vein disorders. In 2011, she was hospitalized with potential deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when blood clots had formed on her leg and traveled to her lungs.

Varicose veins may cause the formation of DVT, as being on your feet for long is a common reason for them; it is possible that she had them. Luckily for her and us, Serena survived and has played her games exceptionally.

2. Sydney Leroux Dwyer

Sydney is a professional soccer player and Olympic gold medallist. She admitted to having varicose veins that formed during her pregnancy, a common side effect. It is more likely the condition formed due to hormones, but it is possible that being on her feet for a long time could have added to it.

3. Britney Spears

Britney is famous for her 1999 hit “Hit Me Baby One More Time” followed by a number of chart-toppers over the years. Her voice, showmanship, and ability to entertain large audiences are undeniable. But that did not stop her from being troubled by: varicose veins.

It is known that pregnancy is one of the leading factors contributing to varicose vein development in women, which what this global superstar had to overcome as well. She has treated these and is a proud mother of two juggling between motherhood and performances.

4. Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson, one of UK’s most acclaimed actresses, has been making her mark on the screen for decades. Her role as Professor Sybill in Harry Potter and Karen in Love Actually has garnered many fans.

She has admitted to suffering from varicose veins and found herself hiding her legs in public while being bogged down with heaviness. She had her veins treated and was spotted showing off her flawless legs.

5. Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis plays Charlotte on ‘Sex and the City,’ known for her well-groomed wardrobe having skirts and high heels. In 2008, she was spotted with varicose veins. She sought varicose vein treatment.

Beyond the Glam World

Your job may not rely on the appearance of your legs nor are media and fans following you; there are severe reasons to take care of your varicose veins. This is especially the case when your legs are painful, swelling, cramping or tiredness affects you.

Get your legs ready for a close-up shot with compression stockings. You owe it to yourself to get the best, effective treatment option by visiting your doctor as soon as symptoms arise.