Dos and Don’ts on Long Haul Flights

Wear Travel Socks

Wear compression socks or stockings and avoid wearing normal socks that constrict above the ankle. The best choice is slip-on shoes as they can be removed with ease when massaging or exercising your feet.

Exercise Your Feet

Get up from your seat during the flight. It could be to pace up and down the aisle several times each hour. This will prevent swelling in the feet and hands. On flights longer than two hours, move around if allowed. If you cannot stand or walk around, you can still work your feet muscles. Stretch your legs while seated, point your toes up and down and side to side. If you notice a swell on your feet, exercises can help blood flow and reduce swelling.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid consumption of salt the day of and the day before traveling. Salt retains fluid increasing the chances of swelling even more.


 Don’t Walk Barefoot

There can be spilled food, beverage and even blood that hits the carpet making those floors full of germs.

Don’t Sit The Entire Flight

On a plane, there is a greater risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a sort of blood clot that generally forms in the legs. DVT has affected many economy-class fliers coining the condition as “economy-class syndrome.” Walking around for a couple of minutes or stretching are great exercises to help avert it. (Simply make sure to have your shoes on!) Also, do not wear tight apparel that could cut off blood flow while in flight. The most important point is to move around and move your legs once every hour. If you can’t get up, lift your alternate knees to your chest or try any other exercise in your seat.

Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated

Do you feel thirsty mid-flight? It is not only the salty snacks that are to blame. Airplane cabins have manufactured air that is similar to the highest altitude humans can breathe in. Their low humidity gives you a parched throat. Hence, flight attendants drink 16 oz. of water at every flight they fly. Hydrate. That’s the most important.

Prepare your body for the long ride. Do not entirely sleep the whole journey. Exercise is the essential part — even in the air, and it is not complete without Sorgen travel support socks.