5 reasons to prefer Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings over others

5 reasons to prefer Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings over others

1. Vogue Misr, a well-known manufacturer:

Compression Sorgen Vogue Misr, Egypt, makes the stockings. Vogue Misr began making Venosan medical stockings in 2001 in accordance with the Swiss standard and RAL compression profile. Vogue Misr is the only firm making medical stockings outside of Europe that is permitted to export to Europe's RAL zone. In addition, they are the primary provider for London healthcare in England, as well as Credalast® in Manchester.

2. Swiss Technology and Yarn:

Swiss Technology and Yarn Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings use the MST Professional. SWISSLASTIC AG (previously SALZMANN AG) has been developing and distributing

Measuring equipment for determining compression in functional fabrics since 1977. Under the brand name MST (Medical Stocking Tester), these machines have become vital quality control tools in several textile laboratories across the world.

SWISSLASTIC AG also produces covered yarns "Made in Switzerland" using sophisticated technology, highly qualified people, and the best raw ingredients. Quality control is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 certification and is carried out continuously throughout the whole operation, guaranteeing continuous product refinement.

3. Reinforced Heel and Toe:

Medical compression socks are often worn on a regular basis, durability is a crucial consideration. The heel and toe, in particular, are frequently employed. A strengthened heel and toe greatly increase the longevity of the stockings. Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings have strengthened heels and toes.

4. A silicone band provides additional grip and support:

Concerned Compression Stockings that reach the thigh have a silicone band for further grip and stability. The anatomy of the majority of patients in India is such that rolling down medical stockings for thigh length is prevalent. The silicone Band-Aids in the stockings tight grip on the skin.

5. Certifications:

Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings are CE Certified, indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold in the European Economic Area and OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified for skin-friendliness by testing for harmful substances from environmentally friendly manufacturing. With all of these characteristics, Sorgen Medical Compression Stockings quickly becomes the most popular brand among users.


Sorgen Medical Compression Socks are constructed of the finest fibers and breathable materials. With repeated washing, the fabric holds its form for a long period with no change in compression level. Our Varicose Veins Socks are effective and useful in treating venous insufficiency, minor varicose veins, spider veins, and other conditions.


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